No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

This past week Winnie and I had an interesting lesson in doing the right thing, and insurance claims, and how not to park cars. Presently Winnie is working as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) for an elderly Chinese woman about one hour’s commute away (given local traffic conditions, one hour’s drive is not so far in miles). The woman lives in a senior citizens hi-rise apartment building which has very little Read More →

Advertising Emotions

I happened across this beautiful little video clip and knew I had to share it. Please take three minutes to watch it. It’ll be well worth your time, and might even brighten up your entire day.   The video is titled “Unsung Heros,” and was produced by TVC Thai Life Insurance Company. Honestly, if an insurance company ad captures the spirit of Thailand, I really Read More →

A Stack of wholesome graham crackers

Family Values and Graham Crackers

Last month the “Honey Maid” graham cracker brand released a video ad touting the wholesomeness of it’s signature graham crackers. The ad showed clips of various families smiling and generally having fun. These clips included a family with two dad’s, a family with a heavily tattooed musician father, a white person’s hand holding a black person’s hand, and a family with a military dad, all Read More →

Chinese Herbal Medicine

A Visit to a Chinese Doctor

This is a story about medicine, and healing, and doctors, and healthcare. For most of my life I’ve been skeptical of doctors, recognizing that they’re only human and prone to making mistakes just like the rest of us mortals. At the same time I’ve also been even more skeptical of “alternative” (non-American medical Association approved) medical treatments and practices. I’ve also learned a lot about Read More →

Lack of April Fools Jokes Cause for Concern

Washington, D.C., April 2, 2014 – Today the Federal Bureau of Silly Statistics (FBSS) announced that April Fools pranks were down by a precipitous sixty percent over last years pranks. This continued a disturbing trend from previous years, which has seen a decline in reported pranks every year since the peak prank year of 2000. “It’s disturbing, really” said FBSS spokesperson George Grossfanny. “What does it say Read More →

For a Dark and Stormy Night

It’s been raining, storming, and even snowing here ever since late Friday night, and I’m way over the bad weather. So for a little pick-me-up, here is a fun little YouTube video. In case my many readers are wondering; this took place in Sabadell, a town on the south-eastern side of Spain. I think that having the lead Cellist wait for someone to put a tip Read More →

How Many Ships Do We Need?

A recent article posted on Face Book by a former shipmate, and the resulting discussion, has gotten me thinking about our current Navy. The Wall Street Journal opinion column”America’s Incredible Shrinking Navy,” written by Mr. Steve Cohen, discusses the current number of Navy combat ships in the fleet.  Mr. Cohen is described in his byline as “an attorney at KDLM in New York and a former Read More →

Weekly Roundup – Autumn Equinox Edition

Another winter passed, another spring ahead. There’s still snow on the ground and a warning of another snowstorm yet to come. But the birds are returning, the sun feels warmer, and there’s a promise of more warm weather ahead. I think I speak for many people in posting “not a day too soon!” This has been a crazy couple of weeks here in the Charest Read More →

EV Reserved Parking

Navy Leads the Way in EVs

I’m back in San Diego again this week on another business trip, and I saw what I’d like to think is the future of automobile technology. I saw this on, of all places, the main Navy base. California has been leading the way in environmental initiative and technologies since at least the early 1970s.  For example; California was the first state to mandate strict emission Read More →

Snow Day In March

Snow Day

Here it is March third, seventeen days away from the Spring Equinox, and right now we have about six inches of snow. The good news is that last night the weather guessers were predicting up to fifteen inches of snow, so only six inches qualifies as good news. Also in the good news department, early yesterday evening the government made the announcement that all federal offices would Read More →

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