Witches Of Halloween Past

So today is Halloween, a day for tricks and treaters and candy and costumes. Little kids get to dress in cute little outfits going door-to-door asking for free sugar. Adults lucky enough to get invited to a Halloween party dress up in naughty outfits befitting their age and get free food and booze. All in all, a great day to have a little fun. Halloween is Read More →

Pine Bush High School

A Forty-Year High School Reunion

I had the distinct experience of attending my forty-year high school class reunion several weeks ago. It was the first reunion I’ve been to, and it brought up a flood of memories and feelings I haven’t dealt with since graduation. I grew up in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, attending schools in the Farmingdale school district from Kindergarten until end of my high school sophomore year. Read More →

Four Beat Music Example

The Competitive Foursome

OK, so I’ve been out of town (again) this week and just catching up on things at home. It’s a cold Friday morning here in our nations’ capitol. The yard is covered with leaves, meaning at some point I’m going to need to do serious yard work. I think it’s it’s time for a little morning pick-me-up. So without further ado, here is a cute Read More →

Outward Bound

Outward Bound

Back in 1970 I had just landed my first job as a newspaper delivery boy for the New York Daily News. It was a big deal for me, getting a job at the ripe age of 13, as it meant I had money in my pocket. On a good week when I finished collecting and paid my manager his cut I might actually have as much Read More →

What Complaints Look Like

Prince William County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Breaking Bad

I had an unpleasant experience last week with a member of the Prince William County Fire and Rescue crew. While I think it might turn out all right, the experience has left me deeply unsettled. On top of several unpleasant experiences Winnie and I have had with county police and public officials these past years, I now have to wonder about firefighters and paramedic personnel. Prince William Read More →

A Shout-out To The TSA

I’ve been traveling for business on an average of one week per month for the past six years. Include personal travel, and this means a lot of time spent in airports. With airports come the TSA security checks and all the related security theater that comes with the TSA. I have never said or written anything nice about the TSA in the years I have been dealing Read More →

Typical Big Box Store

Big Box Store Wins By Default

This is a story about a car breakdown, a “Big Box” retail store, and customer service. Several weeks ago I had to make a weekend trip to mom’s house in the Hudson Valley area of upstate New York. I left on a Friday morning driving my venerable 2004 Rodeo, and arrived late afternoon. I spent Saturday performing the odd jobs which was the reason for my Read More →

Hurricane Ivan on 13 Sept 2004

Days of Hurricane Ivan

I’ve written extensively about the life-changing event that was Hurricane Katrina. However, I haven’t written about another hurricane which had almost as much of an impact. That would be Ivan, which made landfall on the US Gulf Coast early on the morning of September 16, 2004, one year prior to Katrina. Although my home and the community of Gautier, Mississippi, was not directly impacted Ivan had Read More →


Paddling The Basha Kill

I was up at Mom’s house in the Hudson Valley region of New York this past weekend, and had a chance to spend a few hours kayaking. I chose to paddle the Basha Kill (from the Middle Dutch kille, meaning “riverbed” or “water channel), and it turned out to be a great choice! I’ve been making monthly trips up to Mom’s house since this past March. Mom moved Read More →

Howard, Pam and Ron Charest

A Weekend Family Visit

My brother Howard and his wife Pam dropped by for a visit this past weekend. It was a particularly special event as they live on the left coast, in the Great State of California, city of Los Angeles. As best as we can figure, it’s been five years since they were last here, although I’ve visited them several times when I was on trips to Los Angeles. Read More →

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