New Year 2015

Welcoming In The New Year

For the first post of this brave new year of 2015 CE, I’d like to wish all my readers a year of good heath, happiness, and prosperity. I still consider New Year’s to be one of my favorite holidays, right up there with Thanksgiving. I consider New Year’s to be a day to reflect on the what has happened, and reflect on what I’d like to do Read More →

Unfriendly Cop

Cops On Strike?

The December 29 edition of the New York Post reported that the New York Police Department is essentially on a work slowdown/strike. This is apparently due to many police officers feeling upset over lack of respect by the city’s Mayor and general public. The story notes: “[…]many officers have started turning a blind eye to some minor crimes, sources told The Post, while a union Read More →


A Very Charest Christmas

We had a very different Christmas celebration this year. In the past we’ve normally celebrated Christmas at home, with the exception of a few years in a row when we went up to Mom’s house in New York. Staying at home was the preferred option as the Charest family is currently spread out from Washington, California, Tennessee, Northern Virginia, and on out to Wales. However, Read More →

Don't Shoot

It Could Have Been Anybody

Unless you’re fortunate enough to live in a news-media free wilderness you’ve heard about the Michael Brown shooting in the town of Ferguson, Missouri, a place most Americans outside of St. Louis never heard of before last summer. Accounts and opinions are raging across the political spectrum, and I’ve been sorting out my emotions triggered by this disgraceful event. What I believe is that on August 9, 2014, eighteen year-old Michael Brown and a Read More →

Having A White Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving day again; another year passed remembering the good and the bad. Thanksgiving continues to be my favorite holiday, and one thing I’m thankful for is that this holiday has remained relatively commercial-free. This is and should be the one day each each when families and friends come together to celebrate, reflect on the year passed, and give thanks for their many blessings. Then eat a Read More →

Emmigration Around The World in 1885

Some Thoughts On Immigration

This past week President Obama went live on prime-time television (with some notable exceptions) and announced he was directing his cabinets to make some minor changes in the way people who crossed over into our part of planet earth were treated. Notable was that we, a culture that boasts about being a nation of immigrates, would no longer gratuitously tear apart families and deport parents of legal Read More →

Where Are The Good Samaritans?

I’ve had the unpleasant experience of breaking down on the road three times over the past 45 days. In two of those three events my venerable 2004 Rodeo died right at a stoplight intersection at or close to the front of the line. In those events, I witnessed firsthand the absolute unpleasantness of other drivers who were momentarily inconvenienced by my breakdown. The first of Read More →

Apples In A Basket

An Ode To The Apple

It’s autumn again and along with the beautiful forest colors, changing of the clocks, and leaves to rake, autumn brings us apple season. Full disclosure; of the many fruits I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy apples are my favorite. As a native New Yorker I will admit to a little bit of personal bias on apples. New York is a major apple-producing state and several Read More →

Witches Of Halloween Past

So today is Halloween, a day for tricks and treaters and candy and costumes. Little kids get to dress in cute little outfits going door-to-door asking for free sugar. Adults lucky enough to get invited to a Halloween party dress up in naughty outfits befitting their age and get free food and booze. All in all, a great day to have a little fun. Halloween is Read More →

Pine Bush High School

A Forty-Year High School Reunion

I had the distinct experience of attending my forty-year high school class reunion several weeks ago. It was the first reunion I’ve been to, and it brought up a flood of memories and feelings I haven’t dealt with since graduation. I grew up in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, attending schools in the Farmingdale school district from Kindergarten until end of my high school sophomore year. Read More →

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