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The April Nor’easter

A Preview of Things to Come?

We’ve been having what local news stations are referring to as “nor’easter.” Loosely translated, this appears to mean a major storm affecting the entire North Eastern part of the United States. Had I not read this in the local newspapers, I’d of thought we were brushed by a hurricane even larger than Katrina. Continue reading

My Letter to the Editor – Rebuttal to a Hateful Screed on Immigration

Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor

Our local Prince William County, Virginia, newspaper “The Potomac News” ran a letter to the editor today that ranks as one of the most hateful screeds against immigration that I have ever read, anywhere. Even though I have already pegged this particular newspaper as a hard-core conservative newspaper, I was still shocked they would print such a letter. I had to respond. Continue reading

Happy Easter To All!

Easter Smilie

Easter Smilie

I just wanted to wish all Christians a Happy Easter celebration. Although raised in a household with a Catholic Dad and Lutheran Mom, I’m not much of a practicing Christian of any flavor now-a-days (neither Protestant or Catholic). Winnie, as a Buddhist with essentially no exposure to Christianity before meeting me, doesn’t really understand the significance of today’s celebration.

For us, today has been a quiet day dedicated to unpacking boxes and arranging the house. But I do remember some of my Bible teachings, and want to reflect on them briefly. Continue reading