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My Encounter with Robert Garwood, Part II

This is Part II of A Two Part Series

This picks up from where “My Encounter with Robert Garwood Part I,” left off.

Chapter 8

In early June I had my chance for an intervention. My new job was a normal Monday to Friday schedule, but then one week I was scheduled to come into work on a special Saturday project. Although Marilou had been working every weekend for the past few months, the day after I told her of my Saturday schedule she announced she would have that Saturday off. Continue reading

My Encounter with Robert Garwood, Part I

Part I of a Two Part Series

This narrative is about my personal experience with Robert (Bobby) Russell Garwood, PFC, USMC, DD. This story, as painful as it has been for me, is written for and dedicated to the many people who served our nation in the Vietnam war. There are many people still today who believe our nation abandoned our servicemen and women after the hostilities between North Vietnam and the US officially ended. For those people who still believe, who still search for loved ones who never returned home, I hope one day they find the answers they deserve.


These are the known facts about Robert:

In the summer of 1965, 19 year old Marine PFC Robert Russell Garwood served as a staff driver for the G-2 Intelligence section of the Third Marine Division in Da Nang, South Vietnam. Continue reading

A Two Car Family

Two Cars

Two Cars

Winnie and I officially joined the ranks of two-car-owner families again this past Saturday. After a lot of discussion and some new-car shopping, we opted to go with an inexpensive used car. It really came down to just needing something inexpensive for my commuting to the local bus stops, occasionally driving into work, and getting around on weekends when Winnie was at work. Continue reading

My LTE – The Politics of Name-Calling

Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor

Last Week the Liberal activist organization “MoveOn” ran a half-page advertisement in the New York Times against the pending September 11 Iraq report. The report was previously planned to be presented by the U.S. Army General Field Commander, General Petraeus. MoveOn used a clever play-on-words with the General’s name, referring to the General as “Betray Us” to make Their Point. Their Point being that MoveOn was simply asking the General to be honest in his report, not parrot President Bush’s talking points.

This ad has caused an uprising of angst and outrage amongst Conservatives all across these United States of America. Continue reading

A Letter to CBS Evening News

Flying Mail

Flying Mail

It seems that the producers and staff of CBS Evening News are a bit thin-skinned. Recently, CBS News Reporter Katie Couric recently produced a series of “reports” on Iraq.  CBS has taken a considerable amount of criticism over these pieces ever since.  In fact, they’ve taken to insulting people who criticize their work.

So now, I’ve taken to writing my own letter of criticism over the way CBS news insults people who criticize.  My letter is written to two senior producers at CBS Evening News, Jim McGlinchy ( and Betty Chin ( Continue reading

2007 Eton Moped

So Much For An Experiment…

Last month Winnie and I undertook an experiment in low-tech commuting by purchasing a moped. Our thought was to use the moped for around-town transportation. It seemed ideally suited for getting me the 2.4 miles to my commuter bus stop each day. It was fuel efficient, low maintenance, and even a lot of fun driving. So, in the nearly one month we experimented with it, it did fine.

However, we ran into a snag. Friday, during the day while it was parked at the commuter lot, someone stole it. So much for our experiment. Continue reading

This and That…

This And That

This And That

…the First Posting of September

Frequent readers may have noticed my news posts have been light these past few weeks.  The reason is one that may shock people who read a lot of newspaper columnists and blogs.  The shocking, heart-wrenching God’s-Honest truth as to why I haven’t written much lately is – I haven’t had much to write about.

There, you read it here first.  A writer not writing when there is nothing to write about. Continue reading