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A Shout-out To The TSA

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

I’ve been traveling for business on an average of one week per month for the past six years. Include personal travel, and this means a lot of time spent in airports. With airports come the TSA security checks and all the related security theater that comes with the TSA. I have never said or written anything nice about the TSA in the years I have been dealing with them; until now. Continue reading

Big Box Store Wins By Default

Typical Big Box Store

An Empty Big Box Store – File Photo

This is a story about a car breakdown, a “Big Box” retail store, and customer service.

Several weeks ago I had to make a weekend trip to mom’s house in the Hudson Valley area of upstate New York. I left on a Friday morning driving my venerable 2004 Rodeo, and arrived late afternoon. I spent Saturday performing the odd jobs which was the reason for my trip. I left for home 6:30 Sunday morning, and this is where my story starts. Continue reading