Pandoras Box

A catch-all gallery of photos I like but don’t know where else to put. This small collection includes still life, experimental, candid, landscapes, and just having fun with a camera.

One photo topic I enjoy is images of bridges. I’ve collected so many I pulled bridge images out from the main collection and set up a dedicated gallery.

North Tower of the Golden Gate bridge







In August 2017 Winnie and I took our fourth trip to China, and among other locations hiked around West Lake in the city of Hangzhou. The shallow parts of the lake are thick with Lotus plants, and many were in blossom at the time of our visit. Just one or two photos would not do justice to these beautiful plants, so I’ve added a subsection to this Gallery dedicated to the lovely Lotus blossom.








Authors Note: I shot all “Pandora’s Box” images using a variety of 35mm film and digital cameras. In some cases, the camera equipment and technical details of the shot are described. Use the “Slide” link to step through the photos in sequence. Move your cursor over the images to read the description.

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