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Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor

Here in my lovely Prince William County, we have a group of very vocal people complaining about “Illegal Immigrants.” These people complain about a lot of things in general, but immigrants are tops on their list. Our County Board of Supervisors, led by one Cory Stewart, have done what politicians in a democratically-elected government always seem to do – pander to the loudest. Continue reading

2007 Eton Moped

So Much For An Experiment…

Last month Winnie and I undertook an experiment in low-tech commuting by purchasing a moped. Our thought was to use the moped for around-town transportation. It seemed ideally suited for getting me the 2.4 miles to my commuter bus stop each day. It was fuel efficient, low maintenance, and even a lot of fun driving. So, in the nearly one month we experimented with it, it did fine.

However, we ran into a snag. Friday, during the day while it was parked at the commuter lot, someone stole it. So much for our experiment. Continue reading

The DMV Wars are Over!

Commonwealth of Virginia

Commonwealth of Virginia

Well, it’s over.  After seven trips to the local DMV office, two letters to the Governor of Virginia, one letter to the DMV Commissioner, and three phone calls to the DMV office of Identification Review Service, Winnie has a driver’s license good for five years, in her married name, and with our current address.

Once again I’m left wondering:  Why was that so difficult? Continue reading

Happy Mothers Day! And a Few Words on the Past Month…

This And That

This And That

I just wanted to wish all mothers reading this website, and even those who don’t read it, a very happy and belated Mother’s day. Here’s hoping that everyone had a lovely day and was able to spend at least a short while with family and close friends.

I also wanted to say a few words after a very long and busy month. Continue reading

A Walmart Story

Typical Big Box Store

An Empty Big Box Store

All we wanted to do was return a vacuum cleaner.  We had purchased it 5 days earlier, broken it after 20 minutes total use, and decided to get a different model.  By the time we were successful we had involved most of the Wal-Mart’s night shift, provided entertainment for other shoppers, yelled at the store manager and received personal guidance on choosing a vacuum cleaner from the housewares department manager.

All of this only took about one hour.  What a night. Continue reading