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Where Are The Good Samaritans?

Helping Hands

Helping Hands

I’ve had the unpleasant experience of breaking down on the road three times over the past 45 days. In two of those three events my venerable 2004 Rodeo died right at a stoplight intersection at or close to the front of the line. In those events, I witnessed firsthand the absolute unpleasantness of other drivers who were momentarily inconvenienced by my breakdown.

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The Cars

My-beautiful-pictureA Story About The Vehicles I Have Owned

For better or worse, it seems that the vehicles I’ve owned over the years seem to match the phase of my life. From the time I earned to drive at age 18, I’ve now owned twelve four-wheeled vehicles of one type or another. Continue reading

Winnie Has Her Drivers License!

Girl and Boy Driving Car

Girl and Boy Driving Car

Winnie and I just survived the most stressful event any married couple should ever have to face. No, I’m not talking about getting married then waiting two years to be able to live together. No, I’m not talking about one person traveling half-way around the world to live in a strange country speaking a strange language. No, I’m not even talking about living through the worst natural disaster in American history.

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