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Days of Hurricane Ivan

Hurricane Ivan on 13 Sept 2004

Hurricane Ivan on 13 Sept 2004

I’ve written extensively about the life-changing event that was Hurricane Katrina. However, I haven’t written about another hurricane which had almost as much of an impact. That would be Ivan, which made landfall on the US Gulf Coast early on the morning of September 16, 2004, one year prior to Katrina. Although my home and the community of Gautier, Mississippi, was not directly impacted Ivan had deeply personal consequences.

As the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Ivan’s landfall approaches I’ve decided it’s time to share my story. Continue reading

A Bittersweet Homecoming

Coming Home

Coming Home

I had the chance to make a quick trip to my former hometown of Gautier, Mississippi, this past week.  It was a quick 6 hour visit made on the spur of the moment while in New Orleans, Louisiana, on a business trip.  Although it felt good to be back in my former home town even for a short while and visit with old friends, I also felt a small bit melancholy. Continue reading

My Encounter with Robert Garwood, Part II

This is Part II of A Two Part Series

This picks up from where “My Encounter with Robert Garwood Part I,” left off.

Chapter 8

In early June I had my chance for an intervention. My new job was a normal Monday to Friday schedule, but then one week I was scheduled to come into work on a special Saturday project. Although Marilou had been working every weekend for the past few months, the day after I told her of my Saturday schedule she announced she would have that Saturday off. Continue reading

My Encounter with Robert Garwood, Part I

Part I of a Two Part Series

This narrative is about my personal experience with Robert (Bobby) Russell Garwood, PFC, USMC, DD. This story, as painful as it has been for me, is written for and dedicated to the many people who served our nation in the Vietnam war. There are many people still today who believe our nation abandoned our servicemen and women after the hostilities between North Vietnam and the US officially ended. For those people who still believe, who still search for loved ones who never returned home, I hope one day they find the answers they deserve.


These are the known facts about Robert:

In the summer of 1965, 19 year old Marine PFC Robert Russell Garwood served as a staff driver for the G-2 Intelligence section of the Third Marine Division in Da Nang, South Vietnam. Continue reading

Katrina Two Years After

Satellite Photo - Hurricane Katrina

Satellite Photo – Hurricane Katrina

Today is the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It’s two years after what is now being called the greatest natural disaster to ever hit the U.S.

While Winnie and I were among the lucky ones, August 29, 2005 was still traumatic In fact, I can honestly state it’s taken this long for me to personally sort things out and take stock of how our lives have changed these past two years. Continue reading

Moving to Virginia

We’re resettled in northern Virginia now and comfortably settled into my new job. After three months of moving and resettling, I’m finally back in a position to update this website.

The final weeks leaving Mississippi were chaotic, exhausting, and overall not something I’m in a hurry to repeat. It’s been 13 years since I last moved, and all prior moves were with (because of) the kind assistance of the US Navy. So this cross-country move was something “different.” Continue reading

The Year of Hurricane Katrina

Satellite Photo - Hurricane Katrina

Satellite Photo – Hurricane Katrina

My Personal Narrative of Recovering From Katrina

In this narrative I have attempted to describe the personal impact hurricane Katrina had on me and my immediate friends and family. I start with the weeks leading up to the storm, describe the day it hit, and then the long year after attempting to rebuild my home and my life.

Some photos are included in this story, for more please go to our Katrina Photo Gallery. This hurricane was a major Life-Altering Event for everyone who experienced it. This article and the small collection of photos are published in the hopes that people not directly involved will appreciate the significance of this event.

My article is dedicated to the tens of thousands of people who were impacted so much worse, and lost so much more, than Winnie and I.

Driving Back From New Orleans

Satellite Photo - Hurricane Katrina

Satellite Photo – Hurricane Katrina

I brought Aunt Rita back to the New Orleans train station yesterday for her trip back home. We arrived about 9:30, plenty early for an 11:55 departure. We said our goodbyes, then I left for home.

I had the day off but Winnie had to work, so I didn’t have any big plans for the day. I decided to take the long slow way back, picking up highway 90 (Chef Menteur Highway) just outside the French Quarter so I could see more of the city and coastal Mississippi. I’ve taken this drive in the past, but not since Katrina swept through. Continue reading

One Year After Katrina

Satellite Photo - Hurricane Katrina

Satellite Photo – Hurricane Katrina

Editors Note: Cross-posted on my Daily Kos diary at One Year After Katrina

Today is the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. On this one-year anniversary, everyone here is nervously watching another potential hurricane move north hoping it hits someplace where FEMA parks don’t exist. Continue reading

Katrina Aftermath – PTSD and Welfare Queens

Satellite Photo - Hurricane Katrina

Satellite Photo – Hurricane Katrina

Editor’s Note: Originally posted on my diary at Daily Kos under the same title on Thursday, February 19, 2006. This is reposted here as originally written.

I’ve been trying to put into diary the gauntlet of emotions I’ve experienced these past months in dealing with the aftermath of Katrina. Over the past few days, reading about people being evicted from FEMA hotel housing, and reading DKossian comments along the themes of “Katrina Welfare Queens,” I decided I needed to write this all out. Continue reading