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A Song For This Winter

Music Inside

Music Inside

So far this winter has been unusually strange. We went from temperatures so abnormally warm my grass began to grow in late December, to a freezing spell and snowstorm with record-setting accumulations. Then back to warm weather a couple of days after the snowstorm. It’s only January and I’m officially over this winter’s weather.

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Red White and Blue

Snow Day

Here it is March third, seventeen days away from the Spring Equinox, and right now we have about six inches of snow. The good news is that last night the weather guessers were predicting up to fifteen inches of snow, so only six inches qualifies as good news. Continue reading

A Weekend of Snow

Our local newspaper is calling it “Snowzilla.”  Other news media are calling it “Snowmaggedon” and “Snopocalypse.”  Yet other helpful news sources are calling it “number 4 in recorded history for D.C.”.  Whatever our media chooses to call it; I call it 30 hours of watching the snow fall, interspersed by periods of going outdoors and shoveling the winter wonderland off the sidewalks, driveways, and cars.  When all was said and done, this past weekend we had 21 inches of snow pile up on top of the six inches left from the week before.  With the weather services predicting more to come over the next several days.

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A White Valentines Kind of Week

Caution: Snow Ahead!

Caution: Snow Ahead!

It’s been an interesting week here in beautiful northern Virginia.  We had a snow day, delay in closing on buying our house, and a possible closing date on the house we’re trying to sell down in Mississippi.  Valentine’s Day came and went and Chinese New Year, the year of the Pig, is fast approaching. Continue reading