The Lower Forty-Eight

This is my collection of iconic images from around the continuous forty-eight states of the United States. These photos have been taken over the past 40 years of my national travels.

Use the “Slide” link to step through the photos in sequence. Move your cursor over the images to read the description.

Yellowstone Park

In late May of 2018, Winnie and I took a trip out to Yellowstone Park. I had been there once before in 1972, but this was Winnie’s first trip. We spent five days inside the park, making a loop from the Western entrance south and back up to the north, leaving from the Northern entrance. We stayed in three of the lodges inside the park during our visit, and even climbed mountain. I feel this park deserves it’s own photo gallery as part of the “Lower Forty-Eight” collection.


This is a video clip I took inside Slater’s Mill, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, in May 2017.

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