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Multiple Train Wrecks - Comfortably Numb
Multiple Train Wrecks

My tastes in music come in waves. I’ll get hooked on one artist, or even one album, for several weeks and replay it constantly. Then, suddenly, my mood changes and I’m hooked on something else

Hello? Over the past few weeks I’ve been hooked on Pink Floyd music. For you young folks out there, this band’s most famous album was “Dark Side of The Moon” one of the best-selling albums of all time. But it’s a song from another album that has been rattling around in my head these past weeks.

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Music Inside with a YouTube Video
Music Inside

So let’s see. The world is in the grip of a one-hundred year pandemic that’s raging out of control in the world’s nominally most advanced nation. (That would be us). Forest fires are burning up California while a category four hurricane wipes out Louisiana and Texas. We have more wild protests in our cities due to yet another black man shot by police on-camera. Meanwhile, the Doom-and-Gloom Republican National Convention enters it’s fourth and hopefully final day, bearing a message that electing the other guy means a dystopian American future of plague, pestilence and violence in our cities.

Time for some music.

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Fourth of July Ribbon!
Fourth of July!

So another July Fourth celebration has come and gone. This year, the year of the pandemic, was a rather muted celebration. We had the obligatory fireworks in my neighborhood, but there were no concerts I know of anywhere around. No big celebrations south of Washington, D.C.

But of course, in Washington, the Mango Mussolini had to have his party, just because. I wish those party-goers well.

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A Violin is a thing of beauty even before it's played.
A Violin in the Hands of a true artist approaches musical perfection

I’ve written before about the violin-playing Goddess that is Vanessa Mae. In this post, I’m writing about her again, and about one of her many violin pieces that is also a good match for these times and the approaching storm.

Just For Fun

Just For Fun