Sea Dreams

This was my first power boat. “Sea Dreams,” a 1974 Regal “Countess 180” runabout, purchased very used in April 2001, Long Beach, Mississippi. By the time I bought her the boat had been re-powered with a 1986 Yamaha 90hp 2-stroke outboard and had various other changes of varying quality workmanship. I had wanted my own boat for many years, and this was my dream.

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She ran in the local bayous and the Mississippi sound until September 2006 when Weifang and I moved, along with Sea Dreams, to northern Virginia. She then ran in the Potomac river and in 2008 was completely refurbished with a new deck (including new stringers and buoyancy foam) upholstery, electrical wiring, and interior wood trim. In April 2010 I sold Sea Dreams to an older man who had wanted a boat his entire life. Sea Dreams became someone else’s dream boat, and when last heard from Sea Dreams was motoring around in the lakes of central Pennsylvania.

Here is a copy of Craig’s List ad I placed to sell Sea Dreams. I consider it a classic ad, but that’s just me…

A Craig’s List Ad For Selling Sea Dreams

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    May 30, 2023

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