Armand Charest’s Archives

Armand, my late Dad, made his career as a Tool and Die Maker and was good with this trade. But, his lifelong dream was to be a writer. When he retired in 1988, in Torrance, California, he went back to college and earned his degree in English Literature. He spent the rest of his life writing books and stories he tried to get published

He did manage to get his two stories about his trips to Albania published in a travel magazine, but that was it. I did convince him to write his memoirs with the promise I’d get his story published. Well, he did, and I did.

These are my Dad’s collected writings I’ve published to date. I hope to publish more in the future.

Eyewitness to 1984, Part Two

By March 1, 2007 0
Armand Charest made a second trip to visit the orphanage in Albania. This is his account of visiting the poorest nation in Europe and the friends he made there.

The Memoirs of Armand Charest Part III

By September 4, 2006 0
During WWII Armand is rotated to the Philippines for routine patrols and training for the planned invasion of Japan. When Japan surrenders he goes to Hiroshima. The war ends, Armand retuns home, marries, and becomes part of the greatest generation.

The Memoirs of Armand Charest Part II

By September 4, 2006 0
Armand’s vivid stories of WWII combat as a army private and his company’s machine gunner. Combat action against the Japanese on Biak Island and Banzai charges.

The Memoirs of Armand Charest Part I

By September 4, 2006 0
Memoirs of the late Armand Charest on growing up in the French Canadian-immigrant community of Woonsocket, Rhode Island during the depression era . This section ends with him entering the army in WW II. Part I of a three part series.<
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