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Goodbye to You!

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Yesterday The Former Guy (TFG), former Pres*dent trump, seemed to have made a threat to everyone who doesn’t actually like him. He made this seeming threat through a video posted on his very own media outlet Truth Social. In his video the voiceover intonates “If you fuck around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are going to do things to you that have never been done before.”

So, I’d like to take a few moments and unpack this seeming threat.

“If you fuck around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are going to do things to you that have never been done before.”

Trump Truth, July 20, Truth Social
trump truth social image
Trump Truth Social Post

What Could This Mean?

What could “we are going to do things to you” possibly mean? Who is this “Us” and “You,” which sounds like a Pink Floyd song. For the sake of argument, let’s say that “Us,” also known as “We,” are all the red-hat wearing MAGA people who think trump is a man of great intellect, a leader of leaders among the world’s leaders. A man of astounding business acumen, who started out in rags and worked his way up to becoming one of the wealthiest men in America.

Whereas “You” must mean all humans living on Planet Earth who think trump is a sentient circus peanut with raccoon paw-sized hands.

So, how many “US/We” are there? In my Navy days, when someone would say something like “I’m going to kick your ass,” the normal response was “Yeah, you and what army?” Which inevitably led to more dick measuring taunts and, usually, someone would end up buying a round of drinks. However, given trump’s known propensity for being cheap, he’d order a round and then skip out on paying for it.

Maybe “Us/We” are people who actually pay attention to him on Truth Social? One source shows that Truth Social has about 2 million active users, compared to Facebook’s 2.91 billion active users. In the 2020 Presidential election, trump did receive 74 million votes, to Biden’s 81 million votes. So are we talking about 2 million “Us/We?” Or 74 million “Us/We?” Or, some other undefined number of Americans who don’t want to admit they ever watched an episode of the trump TV show “The Apprentice.”

What Could They Do?

The threat is “do things to you that have never been done before.” What in the hell could an unknown number of people, presumably Conservative/Republicans/Trumpers, do that they haven’t already done?

Maybe, “Us/We” could…publically mock disabled people? How about suggesting rival political opponents be assassinated? Use the power of Government to harass opponents? Or, allow people to die from Covid as a political strategy for re-election? Prevent people of arbitrarily-selected nations from entering the United States? Steal highly classified government documents? Perhaps, hoard Israeli antiquities loaned to the White House?

Maybe, encourage violence towards non-supporters at political rallies? Encourage racism? Endorsing sexism and treating women as mere sex objects? Hiring contractors and then refusing to pay them? Creating a fraudulent “university” that charges people thousands of dollars for training they never receive? Falsifying business records? Using campaign funds to pay hush money to a woman (not his wife) he had sex with?

Maybe, “Us/We” would forment an insurrection to overthrow the results of an American election? OK, I get it – that’s just a bridge too far, even for the “Us/We” crowd.

Some Possible Things Never Been Done

So, given “Us/We” have already done all kinds of mean and nasty things to “You,” let’s think about some things that “Us/We” haven’t done yet. Things that they could do, based on “if you fuck around with us.

How about, create a comprehensive, fully funded infrastructure plan for America? Create a national healthcare program? Decriminalize abortion? Encourage free school lunch programs for public school children? Promote reading programs and making books widely available to everyone?

How about, a really wild thought, “Us/We” could encourage American Democracy through building a system of open, fair elections?

That would really show “You” something that “Us/We” has never done before.

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