Hurricane Katrina

Katrina - Storm Day

August 28-29, 2005. Photos taken during the two days that Hurricane Katrina flooded out the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Katrina - Assessing Damages

August 30, 2005. Assessing damages as a result of the flood. We had 39 inches of flood water in our house, making the total rise of the Sioux Bayou about 17 feet.

Katrina - Gutting and Cleaning

Gutting out our damaged house and cleaning up what we could clean, saving what we could save, and discarding everything damaged beyond repair from being immersed in flood waters. Taken during the weeks immidiately following August 30, 2005.

Katrina - Mississippi Gulf Coast

Photos from around the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the days and weeks following hurricane Katrina.

Katrina - Rebuilding

Photos of our rebuilding taken over the months following the storm. There aren't that many simply because we were mostly too busy to take photos.

Katrina - Rebuilt Home

Photos of our rebuilt home. This gallery includes some "before and after" shots. Photos taken about June 2006, which was the time we were finishing up all interior rebuilding.

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