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Our Flooded House at the height of Hurricane Katrina, August 29, 2005. Gautier, Mississippi

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Gratuitous Videos

I used to take a lot of travel videos way back in the late 1980s, using a VHS-format Camcorder. Once I owned my first 35mm SLR I largely abandoned videos as being too much equipment to lug around (VHS Camcorders were the size of a carry-on suitcase). Over the past few years, as video equipment became more accessible (cough…iPhone…cough ) I occasionally started taking some video clips along with my still photography. I’m now beginning to make a push into doing more video work, and will be posting these videos in this humble blog. The videos will be scattered around the various galley pages with related photos. Meanwhile, you may view my collected video works on my YouTube channel .
Ron Charest
November 21, 2022


The Katrina Diaries: Stories from living through hurricane Katrina.
The Year of Hurricane Katrina: My story of living through the storm and the year afterwards. Uses info from my Katrina Diaries as source references, with additional material.
A Bittersweet Homecoming: A story about visiting the Mississippi Gulf Coast several years after moving away.

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