Mahalo Hawaii

My love affair with the Hawaiian Islands started in August 1975. My first visit lasted sixteen weeks while I was in my final stretch of Navy training at Pearl Harbor Naval Base, on the Island of Oahu. Over the next twenty-one years I would periodically revisit the Islands, always on Navy assignments.

I spent the last two years of my Navy career, 1994 – 1996, stationed on the Aegis cruiser Port Royal, homeported in Pearl harbor. During those two years I explored a large part of Oahu, plus visits to three other islands; “The Big Island” (Hawaii), Maui, and Kauai. I also did a lot of scuba diving around Oahu and Maui. During those two years I took a lot of photos both on dry land and underwater. Regrettably, most of my Hawaiian photos were lost when I was flooded out during Hurricane Katrina.

In September, 2022, I revisited the lovely Island of Oahu for the first time since 1996. The photos shown in this gallery are from this 2022 trip. These photos were taken with either my Nikon D7100, or my iPhone 8E. Some photos have been digitally “stitched” to create a composite panorama image.

I was able to salvage a small number of images from the two years I lived on Oahu. At that time, I was shooting 35mm negatives and slide film. I have started getting all my 35mm work digitized and posted on this humble blog. So here are my 1994 – 1996 images from the lovely islands of Hawaii, organized in no special order.

In the Hawaiian language, “Mahalo” means “Thank You.” I say Mahalo to Hawaii every time I visit, for granting me another opportunity to enjoy the beauty and culture of these islands – and the spirit of Aloha.


Here is an entirely gratuitous thirty-three second video of waves crashing on a Hawaiian beach.

Pūpūkea (Three Tables) beach, on the north shore of Oahu
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