Chinese Cyberpunk Transilluminated Breasts Rock!

Cyborg Lady Mechanic
Cyborg Lady Mechanic

So this is a thing. There’s apparently a device, called the Pink Luminous Breast, which is like a high-tech flashlight used as a medical device. When a woman presses it against her skin, a red LED light illuminates the inside of her breast tissue and provides a warning of possible breast cancer. However, a Chinese woman inventor who’s apparently into the “Cyberpunk” scene has re-engineered this do-it-yourself medical device into a wearable cyberpunk-styled transillumination strobe gadget that allows her to walk around in public with glowing red breasts.   

I can’t believe this story hasn’t already made headline news in papers all around the world.

The Story

I’ve embedded a YouTube clip of the inventor describing how she created her world-changing device. This is a mostly totally workplace safe story that warms my heart due to the pure engineering ingenuity of this seemingly modest but brilliant Chinese woman.

The YouTube clip is a professionally produced video of the inventor explaining how she came up with the idea (momentarily not entirely workplace safe but still ok) then walks us, the entranced viewer, through a ten minute discussion of the process she used to develop her device. The video ends with a real-world demonstration of the justifiably proud inventor walking around in public showing off transilluminated red breasts while wearing a black cyberpunk outfit, looking like some advanced cyborg creation.

If I was teaching an engineering class, I’d use this video as an example of how to engineer a new product from first concept through last delivery. Aside from demonstrating a solid agile-inspired process-based approach to systematically working through engineering challenges; I’d gain one hundred percent attention from all my college-aged male students throughout the entire 13 minute video as they anxiously waited for the lovely video woman to take off her shirt.

However, this video clip fails to answer one big question: Why?

The Video

I won’t include a spoiler. Just watch. It’ll be the best 13 minutes use of your time today. 

I expect to see this on the Amazon best-seller list in another three months. It’s just too cool to pass up. 

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