Indian Arrowhead Spirit

Yesterday I found an Indian Arrowhead in my backyard not far from my bedroom window.  It may be hundreds to thousands of years old.  Being of Cree Indian ancestry makes me appreciate this artifact even more.  I gave it a place of honor on my dresser so it can be seen first thing every morning; a reminder of the Indian elders who once inhabited this land.

I found it in the most unusual way.  Something in the early afternoon made me go out back with my dog, Sammy and walk across my patio.  I stepped about 3 feet off the patio, stopped, looked down and there it was, just like that.  I couldn’t believe my serendipity.  It was probably unearthed a few days prior due to Sammy’s running and my husband raking leaves in that area.

Most important, this find confirmed my suspicions; Long Island Indians from a bygone era did walk, maybe even lived on the very land our house now sits on. Our house is 38 years old and like the rest of the neighborhood, was built in the heart of the Pine Barrens.  The first owners lived here 7 years; the second owners, 13 years.  My husband and I are the third owners and have lived here nearly 18 years.

In 2005, we expanded our stand up attic to make an apartment for my aged parents.  It was a major renovation and took from October to December to finish.  Prior to the construction, we never experienced anything unusual in the house.  It was soon after completion, “little things started to happen.”  I don’t like to use the “G or H words” but some type of unseen energy is coexisting with us.  After a bit of research, (see links below), I found house renovations can awaken dormant spirits if they’re already in the area.  It’s believed like us humans; these spirits get curious as to what someone is doing to their home.  The newly found arrowhead pretty much confirms someone may still be lingering from another time.

There have been too many innocuous happenings to list them all, but the most frequent are orb sightings both in and outside of the house.  The first time I spotted one was when Sammy chased it through the dining room into the kitchen where it disappeared into nothing.  He promptly ran back to me whining with all his hair standing up on end.  Sammy, usually a fearless German shepherd mix, has stuck to me like glue since that day.

The latest incident was a few weeks ago around 8:00 pm.  My mother, daughter, husband and myself simultaneously heard a woman chanting.  It was quite pretty and resonated all over the house.  Each of us came out of different rooms thinking the other was responsible for the noise.  It was Sammy’s spooked behavior that made us realize we’d just experienced another event.

The chanting sounded familiar like the chanting I’ve heard at numerous Pow Wows my family and I’ve attended through the years in honor of my paternal Cree great grandmother.

In addition to an American flag, I also fly an American Indian flag purchased at last year’s Pow Wow.  Both flags had been down for a few days due to high winds.  My husband gave no argument when sent out immediately after the incident to put the flags back up.

It’s been pretty quiet to date, but Mom did report this morning Sammy was barking incessantly one night recently while she was home alone.  She also swore she heard a disembodied voice that told him to “Shut up,” which he did do.

You may wonder why this unseen house guest doesn’t upset us.  In today’s world, we more fear the humans than we do the spirits.  And, it’s nice to know, “someone” is keeping Sammy in line while we’re out!

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  1. […] Two weeks after my first backyard Indian Arrowhead find, I found several more.  April is a busy outdoor clean up time for me and it was while weeding in the same area where I found the first, several more were unearthed.  One arrowhead find is no big deal, but finding several in one area means something more was going on in that particular spot.  Possibly some kind of religious ceremony was held in my backyard hundreds to maybe thousands of years ago.  This could explain the earlier chanting heard that I wrote about in a previous story, Indian Arrowhead Spirit. […]

    May 19, 2015

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