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On Loosing A Hammer and Standing Up to People

Chapter 1

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a hammer that I lost over 35 years ago.  Rather, I’ve been thinking about losing that hammer and how I lost it.  It involves my maternal grandfather, a school play, and a high school teacher whom I still consider to be one of the most inept teachers I suffered through during my entire public school career.

Ron Charest

Two weeks after my first backyard Indian Arrowhead find, I found several more.  April is a busy outdoor clean up time for me and it was while weeding in the same area where I found the first, several more were unearthed.  One arrowhead find is no big deal, but finding several in one area means something more was going on in that particular spot.  Possibly some kind of religious ceremony was held in my backyard hundreds to maybe thousands of years ago.  This could explain the earlier chanting heard that I wrote about in a previous story, Indian Arrowhead Spirit.

Family Stories

Yesterday I found an Indian Arrowhead in my backyard not far from my bedroom window.  It may be hundreds to thousands of years old.  Being of Cree Indian ancestry makes me appreciate this artifact even more.  I gave it a place of honor on my dresser so it can be seen first thing every morning; a reminder of the Indian elders who once inhabited this land.

Family Stories

Family Stories

Car Travel Cartoon
Car Travel

Winnie and I successfully completed a week’s worth of traveling, visiting family, and sight seeing. We returned home late Saturday evening, July 7, after a 13 hour trip from Massachusetts. It was a really nice week, but also more tiring than I expected. It’s taken until now for me to feel rested again, ready to get back into the old routine.

Or perhaps, it’s really that I haven’t wanted to get back into the old routine again…

Family Stories