Hiding in Plain Sight

Two weeks after my first backyard Indian Arrowhead find, I found several more.  April is a busy outdoor clean up time for me and it was while weeding in the same area where I found the first, several more were unearthed.  One arrowhead find is no big deal, but finding several in one area means something more was going on in that particular spot.  Possibly some kind of religious ceremony was held in my backyard hundreds to maybe thousands of years ago.  This could explain the earlier chanting heard that I wrote about in a previous story, Indian Arrowhead Spirit.

Later that night, tired from all my gardening, I fell into a deep sleep on my living room couch during the Jay Leno show.  My husband knows to just throw a blanket on me when I’m sleeping soundly.  Usually, I wake up around 3:00 am and make my way to bed.  This night was no different, except when I woke up I saw a bright white tennis ball size orb light hovering outside the octagon window.  I watched fascinated for at least a minute as it flew by the window twice leaving a light trail each time.  Whatever it was, it finally left.

This latest incident left me not so much scared but curious.  I began to ponder the possibility there may be an energy source on my property or one of my neighbors, this and other past orb sightings may be originating from.  Could there be a nearby unmarked grave or cemetery from a few hundred years ago?

I woke up the next morning and began to research the new arrowhead finds.  Many of them looked exactly like the arrowheads in the Wikipedia picture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Arrow_Head_1.JPG

More research revealed arrowheads were left at the base of Indian Burial Mounds as a tribute.  The adrenaline rush was such I don’t remember running out back to the brick retaining wall separating my property from my neighbors odd berm shaped property abruptly rising 4 to 5 feet higher than mine.

Like the southern Indian tribes, Long Island’s Algonquian Indians also created burial mounds.  When a person died, their wigwam was moved to the burial area.  The deceased was then placed inside in a sitting or standing position depending on the tribe’s burial customs.  The whole structure was then covered with dirt.  Over time the burial mound would get larger and higher as more people and wigwams were interred.

For the past 18 years of living here, I’ve always thought their backyard was the strangest shaped hill I’d ever seen.  Now I was seeing it in a whole new light.  Could this be the suspect cemetery hiding in plain sight all these years?  Just in case, I discreetly planted flowers and hung a dream catcher near the retaining wall as a tribute to those who may be resting there.

On a lighter note, I secretly named my female neighbor, “Yakkity Woman,” because I’ve never seen her without a phone glued to the side of her face.  Since this revelation, I watch with newfound amusement the surreal scene whenever she walks across the mound towards her tomato garden, (something I’ll never look at quite the same), talking non-stop on the phone, clueless as to what may be under there.

Between her, landscapers and incessantly barking dogs, my own included, I wonder what my newly found mound neighbors think of this noisy suburb coexisting above them.  I’m amazed they haven’t dug themselves out to find a quieter place to rest.

I’ve no intention of telling my neighbors of my suspicion as it would only upset them.  They’ve lived there for 22 years apparently without incident.  Sometimes it’s just better to keep things to one’s self.

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