And Now For Some Cultural Music

Grace Slick, Software Album cover. Fair use,
Grace Slick, 1984 Album “Software”

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I’ve posted before about my all-time favorite female singer, Grace Slick. However, I haven’t posted nearly enough of her music on this humble blog, so today seems like a good day to remedy this.

The Legend

As I’ve previously written, Grace Slick has been my favorite female singer since ‘way back in High School, back in the previous millenium. I followed her career over the years with various incarnations of her band, from “The Great Society,” to “Jefferson Airplane,” then “Jefferson Starship,” and finally “Starship.” Grace also produced four solo albums, which in my opinion really shows off her talent for creating original, intelligent, music.

The Song

One song that I particularly enjoy plays with the concepts of cultural differences. I think I enjoy this because of my experiences traveling around the world and living in so many different different places. I’ve also had four immigrant grandparents, and been married to two different women (one at a time) who were both immigrants. All of that has given me insight into the many cultural differences, minor and major, that define the human family.

So, on this hot and sticky Sunday afternoon, I present Grace Slick in her wonderful piece of music “Call it Right, Call It Wrong.” The video does include gratuitous stills of Gracie, which is always a plus for me.

Grace Slick “Call It Right Call it Wrong”

Teaching Moment

Another point about this wonderful song, is potential use in English Second Language (ESL) classes or classes in cultural relations. Just a thought…

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