Chinese Herbal Medicine

A Visit to a Chinese Doctor


We went back home and between Winnie and her sister (who is a middle-school English teacher) they explained the schedule for taking the three medications.  There were six pills in one envelope, with three pills in another and four pills in the third, and written instructions on each envelope.

I took my first batch, and actually started feeling a little better in a few hours. I continued the regiment over the next two days until all the pills were gone, and by the time the pills were gone I was feeling almost back to normal. I was very tired still, and slept a lot the rest of our last week in China, but the cold was gone.

I contrast this medical regiment to what I would have expected here in the US. Here, I am sure my doctor would have given me a whopping dose of some antibiotic to knock out the cold that would have taken many days to have an effect.  Without my TriCare medical coverage the costs for a doctor’s office visit would be $120, and the medication probably over $100.

Final Thoughts

I’m not going to claim that Chinese medicine is across-the-board superior to what we have here in the US. I am going to state that Chinese medicine has a different approach than what we practice in the US. It obviously works and is a lot less expensive than “regular” US medical care. With all the healthcare debate over the past few years here in the US, and given the overall sorry state of health in this country, we might just want to pay attention to what a culture with over 2000 years of recorded medical research is doing and try to learn something.

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