Aunt Rita Visits Mississippi

Aunt Rita came in this past Friday for a week-long visit to Mississippi. She’s actually continuing a long tradition of coming in for a Labor day visit, and completing a visit she planned for this time last year.

Last year, Aunt Rita was making her annual cross-country visit starting in Rhode Island. She went out to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in late July for a planned four week visit there. The plans were for us to come up the weekend of 26 August, pick her up and bring her down here for a week. She would have left from New Orleans heading back to Los Angeles.

Well, she became sick while visiting Murfreesboro and decided to cut her trip short. Winnie and I came up for a weekend visit in the middle of August (using a rental car as the SUV was in for body work). Aunt Rita then headed back for Los Angeles.

Turns out, had she stuck with her original plans we would have been trapped up in Tennessee when Katrina blew through the coast. So everything worked out well for her.

This has been a quiet week, a nice one for her to visit here. Today was the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the day the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi reopened after a years-long rebuilding. We went out to visit and give Aunt Rita a chance to run the slots dry…

I’ve remembered that this continues a long tradition of Labor Day visits. When we were all still living out on Long Island (a very long time ago) Aunt Rita and Uncle JB would always come out for the week. I remember these as some really great times.

Aunt Rita will be leaving Monday, Labor Day, by Amtrak out of New Orleans.

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