The hypocrisy of Illegal is Illegal

Letters To The Editor
Letters To The Editor

I’ve just had another of my continuing series of Letters to the Editor published in yesterday’s “The Potomac News. This letter was another in my recent series of taking on the anti-Hispanic-immigration crowd that is running wild here in Prince William County.

The rallying banner that seemingly justifies discrimination and persecution of our local Hispanic community seems to be settling on the slogan “Illegal is Illegal.” The publicized meaning is that once a person enters our country “Illegally,” (i.e.: Without the proper visa) than there should be no barriers towards harassing and persecuting them back to their native country.

Fair enough, but my problem has been with the flip side of this equation; if no one was illegally hiring undocumented workers, the workers wouldn’t be here.

So I wrote another letter:

Am I the only person who notices the hypocrisy of the “illegal is illegal” anti-immigration crowd? The same set of USCIS rules and regulations that require an immigrant to have work authorization in the form of a special visa also prohibits Americans from hiring people without work authorization.

In other words; It is illegal for a resident of Prince William County to hire a person who is not authorized to work in this country.

I have to wonder how many county residents demanding to have all “illegal-immigrants” arrested and deported are meanwhile hiring “illegals” for labor at below-market wages? I wonder if our Prince William County residents hiring “illegal-immigrants” abide by labor laws and deduct federal and state income tax withholding, Social Security taxes, Medicare and workman’s comp insurance?

I do have concerns about the number of people living and working in this county without proper visas. My concerns revolve around the basic human rights of receiving fair wages and treatment for an honest day’s work. Under the present toxic environment, created in no small part by the actions of people including Corey Stewart and Greg Letiecq, receiving these basic human rights are probable at best for thousands in our county.

In my opinion, based upon my observations, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Letiecq and others of that crowd are merely using the excuse of “illegal Immigration” to promote discrimination and advance their personal careers. Instead of working to bring our community together, they have divided us. By demagoging our Hispanic community, Mr. Stewart and his enablers have wasted millions of our tax dollars at a time when the county is struggling to fund basic services, filled up the county jails with non-violent “criminals,” decimated local businesses, and badly damaged the reputation of our community across the United States. All done under the banner of “illegal is illegal.”

Yet nothing is being done about our fellow citizens breaking the law by illegally hiring undocumented workers. I have to wonder: why?

Recently, “The Potomac News” added a comments feature to their on-line edition. While I’ve been busy adding my comments to other letters, columns, and news articles, I’ve also had other writers comment at me. Their comments to my letter have been most interesting. I’ve posted excerpts here.

First, a middle of the road “why can’t we all work together” comment:

Many PWC residents enjoy the financial savings when bypassing professional companies by using a private house cleaning services or Jose and his boys for mulching and lawn service. It is somehow wrong for a construction company to use off-book labor but for a private homeowner to have a crew work the weekend side job reroofing their home for cash is ok. […] there is no pure black or white side of these issues but many shades of gray we need to accept and work together on to find a solution.

Of course, someone had to defend our local racist Greg Letiecq:

If you knew anything about Greg Letiecq, other then what this newspaper spoon feeds you, then you’d know he’s absolutely and for prosecuting those that use illegal labor.

Funny that I sure don’t see these folks out picketing local businesses that hire “Illegals,” calling for boycotts, or complaining that the USCIS has not been fining the owners of business raided for hiring undocumented workers.

Then, I obviously made someone uncomfortable:

HUH??? Whew, what porous reasoning. From my experience the ‘illegal is illegal’ crowd actually is supportive of immigration policy. It is the avoidance and evasion of that policy they are against […] The writers underlying point is well taken however, in that we do need to heavily fine and penalize companies that knowingly hire illegals. […]

So I have a valid basis to my porous reasoning? Whatever.

Here is someone else I appear to have made uncomfortable enough to go into denial:

[…] As for mr charest, I think he is confusing local citizens with local employers. Most citizens are actually afraid to swing by the local 7/11 and pick up a truck load of men they cannot conversate with and take them to their home. If a citizen hires a legal contractor that employs illegals, that is not the fault of the citizen. […]

I guess the local employers are not local citizens.

I did receive one supportive comment:

No Ron Charest, you are not the only one, Mexico sin fronteras is with you, the Mexican consulate, Casa de Maryland, The council of la Raza they all are with you.

So, I guess it’s nice to know that if I continue to run my mouth and get enough letters published to really annoy someone, I can probably find asylum in Mexico.

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