Shape-Shifters Among Us

As a child, I wasn’t exposed to the culture of my Cree Indian ancestry or any American Indian culture for that matter.  Anything I learned was through my own research as an adult.

The shape-shifter belief common in many tribes was something I couldn’t logically comprehend.  How could a human change into an animal, bird or anything else it wanted, at will?  Surely this was just folklore; unless, these shape-shifters weren’t human to begin with.

One day last year, 2007, I put on the Discovery channel.  It was the first time I’d ever seen or heard of David Ickes, a conspiracy theorist.  While I’m still pondering his many claims, his Reptoid theory caused my Indian light bulb to finally flash on concerning shape-shifters.

Ickes believes Reptoid beings cohabit the Earth with us and have been here as long as humans, maybe longer.  Unlike us, they evolved from reptiles instead of primates and live underground.  He also believes their intelligence is superior to ours.  Most interesting, like chameleons, they have the ability to blend in with their environment to the point of shape-shifting, even into human form.

Navajo stories I researched regarding their elder shape-shifting snake brothers living below their tribal grounds, finally made sense.  However, this means, while we’ve all been searching the night skies for signs of alien life and UFO’s, we merely had to look in our own backyards.  Every insect, animal, bird and human, (especially that weird neighbor) is suspect for being a shape-shifter.

I don’t mean to sound tongue-in-cheek, but as I write this essay on my front porch, I suddenly don’t like the sideways look a squirrel is giving me from my front lawn.  Now imagine the massive paranoia and hysteria, if society found out for sure shape-shifters really are among us in human form and running the world’s governments.  If this is indeed a fact, I doubt this is something any government would want to readily share with the human faction.

As wild as some of David Ickes claims may seem, maybe we should step back a moment and consider what the Indian nations may have already known about and casually accepted for centuries.  Shape-shifting aliens have been here all along.  They’re among us and there’s really not a whole lot we can do about it.

Wikipedia: Reptilian Humanoid

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