Moving to Virginia

Delivery Day

Next morning about 10:30 AM, two people showed up at our apartment door. They explained they were local contractors (temps) who had been hired by the moving company to help unload the truck. The moving truck did arrive about 1:00 with the same two people driving who packed us out in Mississippi.

I paid the moving bill and they started unpacking. There was no elevator in our apartment and the steps were pretty narrow and steep, so unloading the 5500 pounds of belongings proved to be a nightmare. The two drivers, the two temps hired by the movers, Winnie and I all hauled up boxes and furniture (okay, I carried the lighter boxes), but it still took us over four hours.

Making things more difficult; we had planned on storing a lot of belongings unopened until we had a permanent house. We actually selected our apartment based on using one bedroom as a storage room. So Winnie and I were also busy deciding which boxes to put into storage, which to have unpacked, and finding places to shoehorn our furniture.

Unloading finally ended, the mis-fortunate and very tired temps went home, and the movers drove away. We were moved in.

The next week was spent just resting and getting settled into our new town. Winnie and I slept late every morning that week. I started my new job the following Monday, October 20, 2006, and that made our relocation “official.”

Once again, Winnie and I survived life in America.

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