Moving to Virginia

Moving Day

Tuesday was moving day. I’d contacted the movers over the weekend and was told the movers would be arriving between 8:00 and 11:00 AM. By 10:00 I called the dispatcher to get a better time and was told the movers would not actually arrive until sometime in the afternoon. I was annoyed and let the dispatcher know I was annoyed. Then I went out to finish a few more chores. At this point, cleaning the house was impossible as there were boxes and furniture piled everywhere. Winnie had packed about everything she could stuff into boxes, but we still had quite a bit of large items loose.

By 3:00 I called back again, and this time the dispatcher told me the movers would not arrive until around 5:00PM. I came unglued and demanded an explanation as to why they were so late. By the time I was finished I’d spoken to the company owner, and the driver had called assuring me he would be there “shortly.”

They finally showed up about 6:30 PM. I was still unglued, Winnie was about as mad as I’d ever seen her, and the drivers were met with a rather cold reception. They explained they were always scheduled for arriving at our house in the evening, as a third stop, and were extremely apologetic that the dispatchers misled us.

The two drivers were also doubling as packers and loaders, and they proved to be really good movers. They were careful of how they packed the remaining items and moved fast. We spent the next several hours haggling over which items needed to go where, filling up boxes, and wrapping furniture. The house emptied rather quickly for only having two movers, but it was still almost 12:00 midnight when they finally left.

With all our belongings gone, except for the few items we planning on hauling with us, the house had the usual “just moved out look.” There were scraps of paper and trash everywhere, piles of dust sitting where large pieces of furniture used to be located, and a general air of pending abandonment.

Winnie and I were really tired. We inflated the air mattress we’d kept behind for this purpose, and slept.

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