My New COVID-19 Timeline Project

A CDC Coronavirus image, used to illustrate my COVID-19 Timeline Project

Here is my current iteration of a COVID-19 Timeline project, capturing all key events of our rapidly developing pandemic. The actual timeline is embedded into this post, so please click the lower headline to access it.

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More information below the fold.

Note: This post will remain at top of my blog for the foreseeable future.

Way back on April 4 I published a post titled “A Modest Coronavirus Timeline.” This post was not only my first attempt at capturing the rapidly moving Coronavirus pandemic events, but also my first attempt at building a timeline using the newest webdesign graphics tools available in WordPress. I learned a lot building that timeline, both on the pandemic, and using new website design tools.

I had planned on adding to that timeline, but by the time I finished it I realized it was not readily maintainable. So, starting last week I rebuilt my timeline into this new version, titled “COVID-19 Timeline Project”. This is a maintainable page, so I do plan on expanding and continuing it for a while longer. At least until I’m not in my home on lock down with little else to do but write.

Technical Details of my COVID Timeline Project

I built this current timeline iteration as a WordPress page vice a post for ease of maintainability. This project needed the freedom of not using my standard page template, to support the information I wanted to present.

In order to gain the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ability to include a page file in my blog, I needed to embed it in an actual post, which is what I now have.

The timeline graphics is provided by a third-party plugin called “Qubely,” an extension of WordPress’s “Gutenberg” block editor concept. The more I work with Gutenberg, the most I like the blocks concept. I’ve also used popup page widows for additional stories, a concept I pioneered with a grad school project last year.

Overall, I think this will be an effective format for putting the Coronavirus pandemic events into context. I hope to be able to expand it over the next few months until, Goddess wills, this pandemic comes to an end.

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  1. […] Editor Note: I’ve just posted a newer and more complete edition of a Coronavirus timeline COVID-19 Timeline Project. It provides more complete timeline information and extends past the ending point of this timeline. […]

    May 20, 2020

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