Post July Fourth Pandemic Blues

Fourth of July Ribbon!
Fourth of July!

So another July Fourth celebration has come and gone. This year, the year of the pandemic, was a rather muted celebration. We had the obligatory fireworks in my neighborhood, but there were no concerts I know of anywhere around. No big celebrations south of Washington, D.C.

But of course, in Washington, the Mango Mussolini had to have his party, just because. I wish those party-goers well.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting in my den on the day after July Fourth feeling rather blue. Which means it’s time for some pick-me-up music. Something – patriotic. Something – alive. Something – meaningful. Music that shakes off the stupor of the constant barrage of bad news being followed by even more bad news, the likes of which we’ve had too much of these past months.

So how about – Woody Guthrie, playing a song that could and should be our national anthem.

Courtesy Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

So happy fourth July weekend folks. May next year be a better year for all of us.

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