Follow-up to an Unpleasant Sunday Morning

…And A Resolution on My Anti-Immigration Complaint

Bad Nurse
Bad Nurse

Yesterday morning I did contact my financial adviser and discussed Sunday morning’s incident with the home nurse.  Our agent became noticeably upset over my description of the event, and promised to pass the information to the medical agency.  She asked some questions, and apologized several times for what happened.  She promised the incident would be taken care of.

This afternoon I received a phone call from a woman from the medical agency, Porta Medic, in response to my complaint.

The woman explained she was the supervisor of the nurse we had dealt with Sunday morning, explained she was informed I had a complaint, and wanted to know what happened.  I dug out my notes and explained the incident.  As I explained, and the woman asked me amplifying questions, I could tell she was also becoming upset.  She explained she was also an immigrant, a fact I though very interesting.

We talked for a few minutes, me explaining some points as I scanned my notes, the supervisor asking amplifying questions.  The supervisor defended and explained the incident with Winnie’s blood draw as something that does happen occasionally, and was not necessarily deliberate.  I acknowledged the incident could have been accidental, that I was suspicious only because of the nurse’s later statements.  The supervisor asked how the conversation started; I explained it started when the nurse asked where Winnie was from, and then devolved into a rant by the nurse on illegal immigrants.

The supervisor explained that their staff was expected to help the patients feel comfortable and perhaps make small talk if the situation arose, or not make any small talk at all, as necessary.  They were not expected or allowed to discuss controversial issues and get into debates.

I also stated that, given the way the nurse carried on, I could not see any way the nurse could ever fairly treat any Spanish-speaking client.  I also stated that I could never possibly use this staffing agency, if I thought this person or another person with her attitude would be the next nurse to enter my home.

I also explained how violated I felt; I explained I treated the nurse as a guest the way I treated anybody entering my home.  The statements made by this nurse were more than offensive, they abused my hospitality.

The supervisor was very apologetic.  She asked me to convey her apologies to my wife for the incident.  She explained that the nurse was being called in tomorrow for a discussion of this incident.  The supervisor explained that the nurse’s case load would either be reduced or the nurse put on a leave of absence.  I offered to e-mail my notes and the supervisor accepted, stating that they would be put into the nurse’s file.

I did tell the supervisor that if the nurse wanted to rebut me or challenge anything I said I would talk with her.  The supervisor stated that would not be necessary, I would not be hearing from the nurse again or hear anything more of this incident.  The supervisor again apologized to me, and thanked me for bringing this to her attention.

I do feel the agency took my complaint seriously, and do feel the nurse will be dealt with.  Throughout our discussion the supervisor was most gracious, even when she disagreed with me over the cause of Winnie’s blood draw incident.  I also find it interesting that the financial adviser we are dealing with, as well as the nurse supervisor, are both immigrants and both in a position of authority over the native-born American nurse.

For the first time since Sunday morning, I feel a small glimmer of hope in dealing with the bigotry expressed by so many people towards our newest wave of American immigrants.

Long Overdue Follow-up

July 15, 2022: I happened to reread this post, and the post preceding this, which brought back some memories. One in particular which occurred after the events in these two posts.

It seems that about two years after this home nurse incident, I needed another life insurance review for reasons I don’t remember. I do remember that this review required another home-healthcare checkup. So, I dutifully scheduled an appointment for a Sunday morning home nurse visit. The nurse who showed up was – the same nurse that was topic of these two posts.

I recognized her right away, and by all appearances she most definitely remembered me. She was subdued, acted professional, but actually seemed frightened. She did her checkup and drew blood quickly, professionally, and absolutely avoided getting pulled into any conversation. Once she was done, she quietly packed up her stuff, stood up, and waited for me to open the door. She left barely saying a word to me.

I think it’s safe to say that learning was accomplished. I’ll never know what the nurse’s agency did as penalty, but it must have been pretty effective to gain such a reaction two years later. This is not a gloat. I just feel satisfied that abusive, discriminatory behavior can be held in check and can bring down penalties on the offending people.

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