Latest Right-Wing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Attack: Her Apartment

Right Winger Surprise
Right Winger Surprise

So I was perusing my Facebook Page (secret nasty vice) and stumbled upon the latest right-wing attack on Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC); her choice of apartment in Washington DC. 

As reported by a number of right-wing “media” outlets, the latest outrage and expression of pure hypocrisy by AOC is renting a “luxury apartment with plush amenities in a building that doesn’t (GASP!) have any low-income apartments.” which thereby proves — something bad about AOC and thereby discrediting everything she talks about and breathes. < SIGH > No, I’m not going to link to these rags. Just do a Google search and you’ll get a dozen hits by the usual right-wing suspects. 

As reported by these right-wing pixel-wasting rags; She’s living in an apartment in the Washington Navy Yard (WNY) area. I happen to know this area as I work there. Yes, apartments are going for $1800 – $2000 / month for studios. These are almost all new residential building that have gone up in the past five years, marketed exclusively to young DC professionals. This area is prime for young DC professionals, and several of my younger colleagues live in this area because of the amenities and being close to where they work (which cuts down on commuting and need for a car). Typical “plush amenities” in these buildings normally include an exercise room, common lounge, and sometimes a rooftop patio accessible to all building residents.

This neighborhood also happens to be within sight of the Capitol building, and clustered around two Metro stops (Green Line), which provide metro connections to the government offices she’ll work in.  The metro also connects directly to National Airport, where she’ll fly in and out of on weekends (along with every other Congresscritter and Senator) to get back to her district. It makes sense for her to live there, all things considered, and would be entirely in keeping with who she is. 

One of the peculiarities of DC is that the invisible hand of free markets has decided that any residential building within walking distance of a DC metro stop is automatically worth at least twice what the same-looking residential building is worth that’s not close to a metro stop. Go figure. 

Another little tidbit of info for people who are lucky enough to not have to commute into DC every day; rent in this WNY neighborhood is probably less than rent in the Capitol Hill district, where many Senators, Congresscritters, and senior aides (including White House staff) have DC apartments. 

Finally; As far as I know, no one in DC is even building Government-subsidized low income apartments anymore. Poor folks are being pushed out into the surrounding suburban areas and forced to commute into the City every day. Which is why the population of DC more than doubles during weekday business hours, and everything looks like a ghost town on weekends.

I swear to God, the right-wing obsession with AOC is already bordering on neurosis. Maybe we should label this “Irrational AOC Syndrome”?

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