Conservative’s Respect For President-Elect Joe Biden

Joe Biden Official Portrait
Joe Biden Official Portrait

We are now thirty-four days past our last Presidential election. In normal times all eyes would be on our incoming president. All news stories would be on the transition of power and how the opposing party is nominally cooperating with the incoming President. In normal times, most people would hardly be paying any attention and life would go on.

Regretfully, these are not normal times. In these times, about one half of our nation’s citizens are holding our collective breaths that trump finally leaves office peacefully. The other half is loudly screaming “VOTE FRAUD” and going so far as proposing a military-led coup to keep trump in office.

A Quora Answer

Given this background, I couldn’t help but answer another Quora question. This one was very political in asking; “What could Biden do that would gain him respect from Trump supporters?” My snarky answer.

Nothing will gain Biden respect from trump supporters. Biden could announce he was conceding the election and trump wins; and trump supporters would demand Biden gets arrested for trying to “steal” the election.

Biden could keep every one of trumps cabinet members in their current offices, hire all of trump’s aids and staff, and trump supporters would still hate Biden.

Biden could wine and dine Republicans while totally shunning Democrats, and trump supporters would still hate Biden.

Trump supporters are a personality cult. They worship trump, and consider him hand picked by Jesus to rule us. There is literally nothing Biden can do to win those trump supporters respect.

Quora Answer

Rather surprisingly, I’ve received very little hate comments, and thirty-five upvotes (so far). But, there are over one hundred answers, so trump cultists have a target-rich environment to deal with.

More Answer

As a bonus for reading this humble blog post, I will offer a few more examples of what Biden could do that still wouldn’t gain any respect from trump supporters.

Biden could single-handedly wipe out the Coronavirus pandemic, and trump supporters would accuse him of practicing medicine without a license.

Biden could end global hunger, and trump supporters would accuse him of promoting obesity.

Biden could create Peace on Earth, and trump supporters would accuse him of creating a global economic crisis by destroying the defense industry.

Biden could reincarnate himself as the second coming of trump, and trump supporters would accuse him of imitating the real trump.

Ron Charest Snark

So, no, there is nothing President-Elect Joe Biden could do to win support from trump supporters. They want to sabotage Biden’s presidency. We see this right now with Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, fresh off his re-election, sabotaging negotiations for a new round of pandemic relief that even business leaders are calling for.

I truly hope the future President Biden, along with future Vice-President Kamala Harris, spend minimal effort trying to gain cooperation from any elected Republican. They simply will not get any cooperation.

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