Welcoming The Year of The Rabbit

Standing Rabbit, Photo by Anna Shvets: https://www.pexels.com/photo/rabbit-standing-on-two-legs-4588055/
The Year of the Rabbit

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For approximately two billion people here on planet Earth, today is their New Year’s celebration. Otherwise known as “Chinese New Year,” “Asian New Year,” or “Lunar New Year,” today a whole lot of people are welcoming the Year of the Rabbit.

Rabbit People

The Chinese calendar runs in a twelve-year zodiac cycle. The zodiac uses twelve different animals, one per year, for their twelve-year cycles. Each year is represented by one of twelve animals. People born in that particular year are said to have specific traits resembling the zodiac animal. In China, this upcoming year is the Year of the Rabbit. Rabbit people are said to have soft and tender personality traits. They keep a modest attitude and maintain a pleasant relationship to people around. They are not easily irritated , and avoid quarrels as much as possible.


Rabbit people are easygoing, polite, tender and skilled in handling personal relationships. Decent dressing is important, which also helps them be popular. They usually leave a good impression on other people, and always have a lot of friends. With their gentle nature they will never steal other people’s thunder, so they work well in teams. Rabbit people are responsible, patient and kind. They are frank and honest to friends, and always keep their promises. They are usually loyal to their parents and place family first.


People who are born in the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit are over cautious in personality, and tend to be perpetually nervous. They are conservative and cautious. Though sometimes ambitious, they dare not take quick actions. In relationship, they are so sentimental they tend to hide their real feelings. They also love spending money, with little concern for the future. Rabbit people lead quiet lives, but sometimes get bored because of their tedious lifestyle.

A Special Year in China

This year is special for Chinese people, as it’s the first time in three years they’ve been allowed to travel. In modern China, many people leave their families to work in distant cities. New Year is the one time of year everyone travels back to be with their families. For too many people, this is the only time each year they see their families. However, For the past two years, due to government policies intended to control the spread of COVID-19, no one has been allowed to travel. Travel restrictions were abruptly lifted two months ago, so this year the country is on the move. Chinese New Years travel has been described as the biggest temporary migration of people anywhere in the world.

So to the many people around the world celebrating their Lunar New Year, 新年好 ( xīn nián hǎo )!

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