Woke is the New Black

Huxley, Julian. At the Zoo (Woking: Unwin, 1936) (hardcover books)
The Bible of Woke

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It’s always refreshing to hear politicians telling me what I’m thinking, and what I want. As in “the American People have spoken, and they want [ fill in the blank ].” At least, when I’m hearing Democratic politicians talk about what the “American People” want, it’s probably something a sizable group of Americans actually do want. Like, getting in to see a doctor without first taking out a loan.

But, with Republican politicians, it’s increasingly more likely that their view of what “American People” want is skewed with their latest talking points. Their latest talking point of “woke” seems to be the new black – highly fashionable without anyone really being able to explain why.

The World of Catch-Phrases

So as far back as I can remember, Republicans have always been extremely good at coming up with bumper-sticker catch-phrases. Phrases that sound meaningful until you start asking hard, insightful questions like “what does that mean?” It’s an evil genius kind of thing that, as a marketing student, I have to admire. Even while staying continually frustrated that Democrats can’t do the same damn thing.

Florida Man’s Wokism

So, as the most recent catch-phrase we have the word “Woke.” Crackpot fascist-lite politicians like Florida Man Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, like using this word “woke.” A lot. He’s even given the American People the “Stop WOKE Act” which restricts school teachers from talking about race issues. Because, apparently, the American People really don’t want to talk about the history of race-based slavery that created our great nation. Or about how southern states started the Civil War over their self-declared right to own slaves. And the American People really don’t want to talk about the Civil Rights movement and Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and dozens of other Woke people.

Because, according to Florida Man, talking about these things makes people sad, and the one thing Florida Man doesn’t want is sad people.

On The Road

Having successfully conned his Florida Republican Stooges into passing the “Stop WOKE Act,” DeSantis has taken his act on the road. In Texas, he imagined the Alamo as he promised to “never, ever surrender to the woke mob.” In California , the world’s sixth largest economy, he claimed the “woke mind virus” is leading to the demise of liberal states.  His whirlwind tour-de-force of Wokism speeches seems to be paying off. He now claims that the anti-woke majority is getting stronger, artfully implying that he is the cause. Almost like a WWII Army Sergeant leading his troops over the edge of a foxhole straight into enemy fire.

Other Wokes

Florida Man Ron DeSantis isn’t the only person leading the forces of anti-wokism. We have some Wanna-Be media person Laurence Fox announcing to the entire world (the part that will listen to him) he does not “date woke women.” Which must make Woke Women very sad. Like these totally Woke women.

Composite of four beautiful women Laurence Fox will not be dating
Some of the Woke Women Laurence Fox Won’t Be Dating.

But then we have non-woke women like Marleen Laska, a conservative activist from Pennsylvania. She claims that Woke incorporates American stupidity, environmental and social governance, the transgender in schools, and even rainbow pride flags. So, I guess that Woke is a pretty all-inclusive word.

And The Point Is?

I really don’t have any earth-shattering insights into the latest Woke outrage. My opinions range from quietly amused to disgusted back to quietly amused. I do remain impressed at Republican’s ability to push this word into everything, everywhere. And use it as some horrid slur against Liberals and other people who don’t think like Conservatives.

I’m actually good with that.

Edited: March 10 2023, for format and improved commentary

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