And With What Army?

Trump's Treason with Handcuffs
Trump’s Treason with Handcuffs

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So this past Saturday during yet another rambling, disjointed, bewildering “speech,” the disgraced twice-impeached two-time loser former pres*dent Donald Trump cried out “If I don’t get elected, it’s gonna be a bloodbath. It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country.”

To which I reply “Yeah, and with what army?

Trump’s Delusional Revolution

I seriously doubt that Trump has any intention of single-handedly running around these United States, smiting his Democratic Foes with his mighty sword of righteousness. No, Trump seems to expect that a massive MAGA army will rise up and run around these United States, smiting their Democratic foes with their totally cool AR-15s and other massive weaponry. I suspect Trump’s visionary “bloodbath” is that all his MAGA followers will rain death and destruction on non-Trump voters who cower in fear. And at the end, Trump is ordained President For Life and gets to immediately pardon himself for every bad thing he’s ever done. Then he lives happily ever after, alternating between cheating at golf while fêting any dictator and third-rate tin-pot despot who returns his phone calls.

What Happened Last Time

So, let’s look at what happened last time Trump decided to launch a “bloodbath” on America. That would be January 6, 2021, when Trump stirred up his MAGA followers into attacking our Capitol Building while Congress was in session. Trump, as the outgoing lame-duck pres*dent was able to place his hand-picked people into controlling the DoD and District of Columbia National Guard, and DHS with the Secret Service, FBI, and Federal Marshalls.

Trump spent weeks planning his attack with DoJ lawyers, Republican Senators and Congresspeople, and even Supreme Court Justices. He had armed right-wing militia groups backing him up. And he had his “shock troops,” scores of delusional “Stop The Steal!” fanatics all convinced that the ghost of former Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chávez conspired with the makers of voting machines to use a satellite downlink from an Italian server to rig the presidential vote for Biden. Without rigging the votes of any down-ballot republicans’ who actually won their elections.

With all this, the best Trump could do was get the Capitol Building trashed and smeared with feces while getting one trump-supporting woman killed and a number of Capitol Police officers injured. He was still kicked out of the White House fourteen days later. Biden now sits in the White House while Trump stews and simmers in his tacky Florida clubhouse ranting to everyone in earshot about his unfair treatment.

Since Then

Although our wheels of justice turn ever so slowly, the wheels do turn, and they’re turning towards Justice For All. Trump himself, an evil genius at manipulating the legal system to his advantage, has been slowly worn down. He’s already lost one civil lawsuit against a woman he raped and later defamed, to the tune of $91 Million. Trump has lost another civil lawsuit over fraudulent business practices in New York City going back decades. He’s now desperately scrambling to find $454 million to pay a bond, so he can continue his appeals. Meanwhile, he’s paying millions of dollars per month to an actual army of lawyers in ever-more desperate attempts at avoiding felony convictions. While our courts are receptive to every filing trump’s legal minions create, they are only delaying the inevitable guilty verdicts.

Since January 6, the people attacking the Capitol Building in Trump’s name, the insurrectionists, have been hunted down, arrested, and convicted by the scores. None of these insurrectionists received any help from trump with their legal fees. Many are now broke, lost their families and jobs, served jail time, still staring at massive legal bills and fines. Those insurrectionists not yet arrested have gone into hiding, praying to their MAGA Gods that they stay out of jail.

Are these the people Trump expects to form his new Bloodbath Army? I don’t think so.

Broke, Delusional, and Mean

The reality is that Trump is a has-been. He’s financially broke, living in his imaginary world of greatness, and becoming meaner by the day. He’s obviously suffering encroaching dementia, reverting to his innermost true self – a hollow caricature of a human being with no redeeming values of humanity. He was dangerous once, during his reign of error as America’s pres*dent. But his days are past. Trump now reminds me of a school-age bully who got his ass whipped by an intended victim, and now stands in the schoolyard screaming “I’ll Still A Badass!” while everyone else runs around playing normal kids games.

Not to say Trump can’t still bite. He still has too many brainwashed followers who continue to believe Trump was chosen by God to Lead America Back to Greatness. But, there’s not enough of them and fewer every day. Trump’s day has gone, and every passing day is one day closer to him shuffling off this mortal coil. Someday, we’ll never have to hear another babbling broadside of unbalanced delusion passing off as a trump speech. One day, we’ll never again have to care about Trump.

I for one, look forward to a Trump-Free future.

Bonus Video

I’ve added a bonus clip of Trump’s “Bloodbath” speech for those readers who’ve made it this far into my rant.

YouTube Video Clip: Trump’s Ohio Rally of March 16, 2024

This is a man who thinks he can lead America.

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