A Painful Week Behind Us

US Capitol Building
US Capitol Building

So today, Saturday January 9, 2021, ends a week I could once never have imagined. Wednesday evening I sat in front of my TV transfixed, watching scenes of our National Capitol being overrun and trashed by rioters. Then video clips of national leaders speaking out. Then a clip of Pres*dent trump telling the rioters “Go home, I love you all.” Then more clips of rioters and a woman shot.

What a painful week for anyone who continues to love this country.

I don’t have any cute words on the “Storming of the Capitol.” This was not a “protest.” This was a riot, an insurrection, an attempted coup. I see the people involved falling into two groups; the MAGA-morons and committed domestic terrorists.


First, we have the morons who honestly thought rioting and invading our US Capitol was just another wild party. We see these people in the selfies they took, just tourists hanging out.

Trump-supporters pose for photos during US Capitol riot. January 6, 2021
Supporters of President Donald Trump, including Jake Angeli, center, after storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.
Saul Loeb / AFP – Getty Images

We have the losers with the trump flags, because all Americans pledge loyalty to a person, not the Constitution.

Rioters break into the U.S. Capitol. Win McNamee/Getty Images
Rioters break into the U.S. Capitol. Win McNamee/Getty Images

This photo: Someone please convince me this doesn’t match the dictator personality cult we see in third-world countries.

US Capitol rioters hang trump flags outside the building. January 6, 2021.
Photo Credits: Hannah Gaber, USA Today

Of course, no right-wing riot intended to show true love for American values would be complete without a Confederate flag.

Man carrying confederate flag inside US Capitol Building. January 6, 2021.
Photo Credits: Saul Loeb, AFP via Getty Images

Domestic Terrorists

Then we had the group of committed domestic terrorists out to cause as much destruction as possible. Immediately after the rioters were allowed to leave (mostly without being arrested) police found Molotov cocktails inside the building. People were seen packing guns, wearing tactical gear, and bombs were found in the area. Early reports indicate some of these terrorists were hunting for key Congressional leaders with full intent to take them hostage. And perhaps worse.

A noose is seen on makeshift gallows as supporters of US President Donald Trump gather on the West side of the US Capitol in Washington DC on January 6, 2021.
A noose hangs outside the U.S. Capitol. Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP


It’s hard for me to believe the Capitol Police were not tacitly supporting these rioters. At least some of them. We know one Capitol Police officer has died from injuries sustained during the riots, with a reported fifty others injured. These people, at least, appear to have stood their ground and did their job protecting Congress people. But there are too many images and reports of other Capitol police allowing rioters into the building, taking selfies with them, and otherwise just hanging around watching.

Too many questions needing answers. Why in the hell weren’t Capitol Police, DC Metro Police, and National Guard prepared for trump’s planned rally they way they were for this past summer’s Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests? Why did the people Pres*dent tump install as key pentagon officials two months ago refuse to send national Guard forces when asked? How is it that most of these rioters just walked out of the building and went home afterwards – without being arrested?

I’m sorry to say; I’m seeing a pattern of too many cops and other Law Enforcement (LE) tacitly siding with extreme right-wing groups and coming down hard on left-wing groups. I don’t like the direction this pattern is shifting towards. I’m honestly worried about what happens next.

There’s indications that maybe, finally, the tide is shifting away from right-wing supporters. Wednesday’s events appear to have shocked the correct people. These events were proof positive right-wing rhetoric isn’t just too-cute fun and games. Maybe, this time, we’ll finally see sustained actions taken against the people who want to use guns to control a Democratic nation.

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