Welcoming In The New Year 2021!

Goodbye Year 2020
Yes, We’re All Exhausted

So, finally, we came to the last day of the year 2020 as defined by the Julian calendar. I think I can call this past year a wild ride. I’ve heard some people were surprised Godzilla didn’t make a return visit to either Tokyo or New York City. Alien invaders from Planet X also haven’t attacked us, so I guess there’s two bits of good news.

So now we get to look forward to a new year full of surprises and excitement. Which sounds suspiciously like the year we just left, that no one seems to want to repeat.

Celebrations of the New Year

So after a year of plague, pestilence, and general disaster all around, we’re still here. Those of use who have either avoided or survived the Coronavirus, anyway. So, I think there’s really only one song that does justice to the year past and welcoming in the new.

Yes, I’m talking about the only appropriate song to ring in the new year of 2021.

Kool and The Gang: Celebration

Happy New Year 2021 everybody! May the coming year bring you good luck, happiness, and most importantly, good health.

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