Videos of Dr. Jeffrey P. Charest

This is a collection of video clips created by Dr. Jeffrey P. Charest. Jeff earned his doctorate in Ethnomusicology (the study of folk instruments, part of the Department of Anthropology) From Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom in July 2020. He has acquired a large number of antique and esoteric stringed folk instruments, all of which he is able to play. As a sideline, Jeff also restores folk instruments and has pioneered several innovative restoration techniques.

This page showcases the best of Jeff’s videos playing various instruments he has owned. Some videos were originally published under Jeff’s stage name of Kat Karsec. For more of his videos, please visit Jeff’s YouTube page.

Musical Clips

The header image above is of Jeffrey Charest playing an Albanian Cifteli at the Unearthed Festival in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK, in 2018.

Macedonian Tambura Improv #2
Dance Piece for the Albanian Cifteli
A Song I composed for the Turkish Saz
Melodi per Cifteli Qifteli Nga Gjin Shkoza
Valle Me Sharki Per Naim & Florim Morina/Dance with Albanian Sharki Lute
Melody for Anglo-Saxon Sutton-Hoo Lyre
Cifteli Melodi Medley with Shota
Another Improv on Macedonian Tambura
Improv on Macedonian Tambura
Coventry Carol (Lully Lullay) with Lyre
Improv on Albanian Sharki (dedicated to Parkland, Florida, High School Students)
The Garden of Queen Hatshepsut–new song for ancient Egyptian “New Kingdom” lute

Musical Instrument Restoration

Debut of my Ancient Egyptian ‘New Kingdom’ Lute Reconstruction

Jeff is currently a wandering minstrel and researcher living in the United Kingdom. He can be contacted at To read Jeff’s short stories and prose, please visit his archives page.

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