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For Sale Sign on front lawn of a house
Moving On Again

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this humble website. This is by reason that, once again, Winnie and I are in-process of moving to a new home. This time, we’re making a bigger move than just across town.

This is a move to a new state and is part of shifting into my retirement phase of life. The entire process is giving us another dose of the moving time blues.

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Winnie and Friend Paddling in Lake Wylie, South Carolina

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Over the past fourteen years kayaking has become my most favorite outdoor activity. Along with actually paddling kayaks comes the fun part of collecting kayaks. I’ve managed to collect a few nice boats over these past years including inflatable kayaks.

One of the most common remarks I see/hear when people ask about the pros and cons of inflatable kayaks is: “If you punch a hole in an inflatable, you’ll get wet.” I can now attest that this is not true.

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Melissa Etheridge File Photo
Melissa Etheridge

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Of the many musicians and types of music I enjoy, there is one musician I haven’t written about on this humble blog. That would be American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Melissa Etheridge. So, for this chilly pre-spring equinox Wednesday I’m going to correct that deficiency. I’m also going to make a tribute to a woman who once helped me through the absolute lowest point of my life.

Bonus music video for those brave visitors who read all the way through this post.

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Trump's Treason with Handcuffs
Trump’s Treason with Handcuffs

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So this past Saturday during yet another rambling, disjointed, bewildering “speech,” the disgraced twice-impeached two-time loser former pres*dent Donald Trump cried out “If I don’t get elected, it’s gonna be a bloodbath. It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country.”

To which I reply “Yeah, and with what army?

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Green Buoy in the ocean. Photo by Atypeek Dgn:
Not A Mail Buoy

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Going down to the sea in ships can best be described as weeks of mind-numbing boredom interspersed with moments of sheer terror. Based on my Navy career with about twelve years actual sea time, I can attest this is true.

So, sailors come up with very creative ways of filling in those weeks of mind-numbing boredom. One way is to play pranks with new crew members just starting their seagoing careers. On my very first submarine sea voyage I became the star attraction in a mail buoy run.

In the Navy

United States Navy Chief Insignia
U.S. Navy Chief’s Insignia

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I’ve been on a roll lately in answering Quora questions. Either I’ve accidentally worked out the format for writing attention-catching answers, or just gotten lucky. Because most of my answers seem to be getting lots of views, upvotes, and comments.

My latest best-read answer was comparing Navy Chiefs to the comparable senior non-commissioned officers of the Army and Air Force.

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Happy New Year 2024
Photo by Jill Wellington:
Happy New Year 2024

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For the first post of 2024 on this humble blog; I want to wish all my many friends, family, readers, and other supporters a very happy new year of 2024!

Follow me below the fold for some uplifting and entirely appropriate music for this brave new year. Along with the obligatory commentary and musings on the year that was.

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Dealing with monsters among us. Photo by Luis Quintero:
Dealing With Monsters Among Us

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Between my former Navy career and present consulting career I’ve met, worked with, even lived with, a lot of different people. New people constantly cycle into my world, then cycle back out due to forces and decisions not under my control.

On the positive, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting people whom I never would have known through social activities. On the negative, I’ve been forced to deal with some truly horrible people.

More than horrible, I’ve been thrown into dealing with actual monsters living among us. People who from the outside seemed like normally decent human beings, but scratching their skin revealed a creature totally devoid of soul. One of these monsters was a seemingly decent family-man with a wife and three lovely daughters. Dealing with him threw me into one of the ugliest situations I’ve ever been involved in.

In the Navy Ron Charest

Cover art from the album "The Christmas Attic" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The cover art can be obtained from Lava Records., Fair use,
The Christmas Attic, Trans_Siberian Orchestra

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So, it’s coming up on that time of year again. The time of year when people are supposed to be just a little bit nicer to each other. A time when magic is in the air and miracles happen. Yes, it’s coming up on Christmas time, again.

And I’m struggling to feel the magic. Again.

Just For Fun

Remembering Veterans Day 2023
Remembering Veterans Day 2023

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Today is the one day each year America nominally gives thanks to military veterans, past and present. On this day lots of important people make a point of taking a few minutes out of their self-professed busy schedules to say something nice about veterans. Some important people will even go to a nearby military cemetery and lay a wreath on someone’s gravesite.

Meanwhile, restaurants across this great nation offer “special” free meals as their special thank you. For this one important day of remembrance. I guess it’s something.

I have some more thoughts on Veterans Day 2023.

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