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Person standing at front door. Photo by Kelly:
When the Boss Appears at the Front Door

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Another Quora question got me reminiscing about my introduction to free enterprise after retiring from Navy life. It was the first, and only time, one of my boss’s appeared at my front door. It was an unexpected visit after I had abruptly resigned for reasons relating to his fraudulent business practices.

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Massive Traffic Jam. Photo Credits: Alexander Cruzado Abanto
A Hollywood Car Chase

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So, I added to my ever-growing list of movie reviews by answering another Quora question. This one was on the most unrealistic movie scenes which annoy the hell out of me. Which led me into discussing the always-included Hollywood action-movie car chase scenes.

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people talking in front of a cafe as the essence of social media
The Essence of Social Media

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I’ve been watching the ongoing melt-down of the social media forum Twitter with a mixture of schadenfreude, sadness, and disgust. Schadenfreude, because I don’t know another word for watching the world’s richest man burn up $44 billion dollars in a hollow attempt to prove he’s a brilliant engineer and businessperson. Sadness, for all the thousands of people losing their jobs with a company in which they invested years of their lives build something they truly believed in. Disgust, because for better or worse Twitter became the 21st century equivalent of the 18th century town square and now it’s rapidly crumbling away with nothing to replace it.   

So, I humbly offer my suggestion that it’s time for a government-run social media site.

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Front view of turkey, does this fellow look like he can fly?
Does This Fellow Look Like He Can Fly?

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There’s many uniquely American traditions around Thanksgiving day. One of those is of course, eating a large bird known as “turkey,” as the centerpiece of the dinner. Along with the eating part of Thanksgiving comes the social events like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. We also have some other notable events real and fictional in television and music.

One of these most notable fictional events involved dropping turkeys out of helicopters.

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Our Latest Home Improvement Project, a brick patio
Our Latest Home Improvement Project

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Just because we’ve moved to a new old house doesn’t mean home improvements stops. Quite the contrary, Given that we’ve already done just about everything inside this house that needs doing, Winnie decided she really needed to tackle the great outdoors.

Given her love for tile and concrete work, her choice was building a patio – driveway and walkway. Mostly using found materials. As always, she did some excellent work.

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Astronomical Clock in Prague Czechia
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
Astronomical Clock in Prague, Czechia

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So once again we’ve entered the zone between space and time. When people cry out in anguish for stability and normalcy. A time when people rise up as one and wearily wander through their homes looking at their clocks, resigned to their fates. Wondering which are true and which yet need to be adjusted.

Yes, I’m talking about daylight savings time. A time when, twice each calendar year (which doesn’t ever change) we all go around our homes resetting our clocks and watches and other means of telling the time. A moment when we all ask “What time is it?” Because we’re not sure which clocks haven’t yet been changed.

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Fear and More Fear
Fear and More Fear

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As we (thankfully) get closer to the end of this current election season, I can’t help observing the Republicans’ campaign themes. It’s actually not too much different in approach from previous campaign themes. But this cycle it’s been cranked up to eleven and put on auto-repeat ad nauseam.

That theme is fear. Fear of the despised other; fear of change; fear of violence; fear of being afraid. I can’t help but connect the Republican’s endless use of fear with those of totalitarian governments all around the world. I don’t think the resemblance is a coincidence.

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HO Sports “Beacon” Inflatable Kayak

Estimated reading time: 14 minutes

As I’m always looking for stuff to write about, I’ve decided to share my wealth of knowledge on toys equipment through reviews. So this is my first of hopefully many more reviews to come.

My kick-off review will be on a sports item I purchased this past summer; the HO Sports “Beacon” single seat inflatable kayak.


Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

Winnie and I returned home from our one week’s whirlwind visit to the lovely island of Oahu, Hawaii. It was a wonderful vacation for both of us. So much so that I had to wonder why I waited 27 years to go back.

While our reason for this trip was being part of decommissioning the last ship I served on during my Navy career, it was also our first vacation trip since the zombie apocalypse started in January 2020.

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Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head
Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head

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So tomorrow Winnie and I head out for the first real vacation since the start of the Zombie Apocalypse started back in January 2020. We’re breaking our vacation fast by going to one of the places in this world I truly love. We’re heading to the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii, for a ten day visit.

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