A Week Without Shaving


I’ve been off all week, between jobs, and had the rare pleasure of not having to do anything on anyone else schedule.

It’s been nice.

Thinking back, I do believe its been about seven years since I last had a full week of no plans. I’ve had vacation breaks, but each vacation break there was something big to do. Every time, I was traveling somewhere or doing something big like fixing the house or moving across country.

When I accepted my new job offer the HR person actually asked me if I wanted some time off between jobs, which actually impressed me. With the past two jobs, it’s been a case of “how soon can you get here?” I decided on a week’s break even though I would have liked two. I didn’t feel comfortable going two weeks with no pay.

Not having a schedule is actually pretty rough. I got up each day with Winnie, then when she went off to work was pretty much left to myself to figure out how to stay occupied. Tuesday Winnie was off, so we went up to Washington to spend the day. I spent the rest of the week just plain muddling around.

I didn’t need to shave, so I didn’t.

Until yesterday, Friday, I was forced to stay indoors due to bad weather. I had hoped to spend time working outside on my boat. I started a major repair project on “Sea Dreams” late last fall and need warm weather to finish it up. By warm, I mean in the low 70’s for most of a day, several days at a time. Not only was it not in the 70’s, it rained and was extremely windy (think small hurricane) for most of the week.

Yesterday, finally the weather cleared and temps climbed all the way into the high 50’s. I did get outside and work on my boat for a while, after taking Winnie to lunch and getting a haircut. Today promises to be clear weather again, but now I’m getting ready for Easter dinner tomorrow and possibly a few guests.

So much for my week off. Monday starts the first day of my new job, hopefully one that lasts and grants me some success in my remaining working years. I like to think it’s auspicious that I’m starting my job the day after Easter, the day after commemorating rebirth.

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