A Day to Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving

I may have mentioned this in the past, but I really like Thanksgiving Day.  In fact, it’s become my favorite holiday.  Notwithstanding that my doctor recently assured me that I was in good health “for a man my age,” just knowing that I have another annual holiday for the chance to give thanks is a good thing.

So, as in year’s past, I want to list the many things Winnie and I are giving thanks for this past year.

Our blessings over this past year include:

  • Winnie and I made it through another year still together.
  • We both still have good health.
  • Our families are all reasonably healthy and reasonably prosperous, although we don’t have the opportunity to see each other as often as I’d like.
  • Winnie became an American citizen this past year, after a seven year struggle with the USCIS and acclimating herself to a very different country and way of life.
  • I still have a good-paying job.  Over this past year I gained a promotion, received a merit award, and my career generally prospered during this harsh economy.
  • Winnie and I have the resources to follow our personal interests and hobbies.
  • I gained a beautiful new 2010 model motor boat, something that even a year ago I could not have conceived would be possible.
  • I gained a kayak, which has opened up an entirely new world of boating and water sports.
  • Winnie is continuing to excel at her vegetable and flower gardening, and the local deer are especially thankful to her.
  • We gained good tenants in our rental property, a real bonus after the past year’s nightmare of watching people trash all our hard work and financial investment.
  • We have good friends, live in a safe neighborhood, and have a warm comfortable home to call our own.

So today, we give thanks for the past year’s blessings.  I do need to admit, calling this a day of thanks is somewhat relative, as a lot of turkey’s are probably not especially happy about it.  But, it’ll be their finest hour.

So, to all our readers, family and friends;  I wish y’all a happy Thanksgiving 2010, with many blessings for a good year to follow.

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