So About Your Complaint

What Complaints Look Like
What Complaints Look Like

Back when I was in the Navy, our standard phase was “a happy sailor is a bitching sailor.”  In fact, most sailors did spend a lot of time complaining about stuff.  Including me, which may come as a shock to many people who know me now.

So when I stumbled across this on the ever-wonderful YouTube, I knew I had to post it.

On this day before day before Christmas eve, I bring you the Helsinki Complaints Choir singing about – their complaints.  They missed a few, but did get in a lot that I can identify with including:

  • Toilet paper
  • Gabby Wives
  • Slow Moving People
  • Prying Neighbors
  • Bullshitters who get on too well in life

They also got in a few complaints that seem to be typically Finnish, such as people who show up for their sauna appointments too early.  Whatever.  Please enjoy.  The choir is singing in Finnish with English sub-titles, but its well worth the eight minutes.

Helsinki Complaint’s Choir

Just one more bit of proof that people are people no matter where in the world they are.

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