A Day To Stand Up

Woman in Pink
Woman in Pink

Yesterday our national nightmare started, and today is the first day for American’s to stand up and let the world know that this is not who we are. I cannot get to the Women’s Watch on Washington event, so I’m going to have to do what I can to show my support. Consider this simple post on my bit of Cyberspace as my contribution to the cause.

This post is my way of showing that Trump does not represent me. Anyone who supports Trump does not speak for me. I believe America is better than the image Donald Trump described in his Inauguration Speech and better than the America he depicted while campaigning for the right to represent us on the world stage. 

He won the right to represent our nation, our country, on a technicality. He may indeed represent the beliefs of some American’s, but thankfully those Americans are in the minority. Those beliefs are not and never will be mine.

Donald Trump brings a lot of negative baggage into the White House. Just a few of his most recent and ongoing legal (ethical) issues include:

A large part of my anger towards the people who voted for Trump, and continue to support him, condemned Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as “unfit for President” for her alleged ethical violations that approach insignificance in comparison to those of Trump’s. Any attempt to point this out to Trump supporters feels as if I’m speaking to people occupying an alternate space-time continuum. 

I don’t know how we can fix this, and I don’t know how we can come together again as a nation and family and friends. Maybe we cannot, and perhaps not bridging the gap between two diametrically different and opposed worldviews is what this country now needs to do.

I simply do not know.

I do know that singer Pat Benatar is one of my favorites. Her small contribution to today’s Women’s Watch on Washington was to release a song specifically for the event. I’m ending my post with her music because I can’t think of any better way to end it.

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