Trump and the Coronavirus

People Holding Mask Over A Statue
People Holding Mask Over A Statue

So yesterday news broke that one scourge of America was afflicted by the other scourge of America; President trump tested positive for the coronavirus. Not only has trump tested positive, so has his current wife and a handful of senior aids and Republican doormats executives closely aligned with trump.

It’s almost like this coronavirus suddenly isn’t a Democratic hoax. Or that just maybe, this virus isn’t going to just go away all by itself. Who knew – other than all of us with no political agenda to push.

Not A Gloat

No, I’m not gloating about the people who have been mocking this pandemic over the past 10 months now getting sick. I’m not gloating about people who

  • stood back and did nothing while 206,000 Americans died;
  • found ways of profiting off this plague;
  • mocked those of us following medical guidelines;

and are now sick themselves.

While I’m honestly not gloating about their illness, I also feel no sympathy for them. Our national leaders, who set the tone of mocking medical experts and denying science, and are now getting caught up with infections, are finally getting justice.

The Buck Stops Here

I make no secret that I despise trump. My list of reasons is all-inclusive in describing a hollow shell masquerading as human being. However, had trump risen to the occasion in dealing with this pandemic I would have given him appropriate credit. Regrettably, trump stayed in character and did worse than not handle the pandemic effectively.

From the beginning trump and his brothel of orc advisors chose to maximize the effects of this pandemic. He ignored all warnings from trained professionals – those who survived his early purges – who could see what was coming. Trump’s focus from the very start of this pandemic was on his re-election.

Not just his re-election; starting back in January 2020, trump has been more concerned with the stock market than regular Americans. Credible reporting shows trump’s pandemic strategy was to let the disease run rampant through “Blue” (democratically-controlled) regions. He reduced testing to “make his numbers look better. ” Trump let his billionaire friends profit off people getting sick and dying. Even trump’s strategy for doling out critical personal protective equipment was driven by political patronage.

More than all that; trump has mocked and corrupted sound science. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) credibility, until last year considered the world’s finest public health institute, has been destroyed by political meddling. We should expect President trump to set standards for the entire nation.

What Could Have Been

Had trump come out on day one and explained how wearing masks and performing social distancing would help control this plague – while wearing a fucking mask himself – America would be in a very different place right now. Trump cultists would have become Mask Nazis (instead of the garden-variety Nazis they already were). Everyone would be wearing a fucking mask.

Masks would have become a status symbol. Fox News would be showing a daily “Best Mask” featuring patriotic colors with embroidered images of trump and other republican officials. Rush “Dittohead” Limbaugh would be extolling the virtues of keeping one’s mouth covered. Dittohead ads would pitch Conservative-blessed mask designs extolled as superior to lowly Liberal masks.

Social distancing would be the norm. Right-wing gun-toting ammosexuals would be keeping people off the streets instead of assaulting state capitols demanding states “re-open.” Staying safer at home would become the patriotic norm instead of reason for mockery. Even more, our Republican-led Senate would have been pushing for financial relief, doing everything possible to one-up Democratic efforts in getting money to everyday Americans.

Had trump come out on day one and pushed sound science practices for combatting this pandemic, we would not have 206,000 dead Americans and counting. Our economy wouldn’t be in shambles. America wouldn’t be getting pity from the rest of the world. In fact, America might actually be leading the world in dealing with it.

Where You Are Is Where You’re At

However, we’re where we are now; leading the world in rates of infection and deaths. Our economy is in shambles with millions of people being evicted from their homes, utilities cut off, and going hungry. The pandemic is running wild with no end in sight.

No, I’m not gloating that trump, his family, and other republicans basking in trump’s soulless shadow are now catching the virus. I’m honestly hoping they all recover without long-term health effects. I just don’t want them recovering too quickly. I want them experiencing pain and suffering. These people, who could have changed the direction of the pandemic in this country and even the entire world, deserve to spend a long time in hospital beds tended by stressed overworked medical professionals scrounging for masks and gowns.

I want these people to recover and then deal with their medical expenses and costs of being away from work and maybe even some missed bills with predatory late fees tacked on.

I want these people to be forced into feeling like everyday Americans, instead of Masters of the Universe impervious to the vicissitudes of mere mortals. This is justice. This is what they deserve, nothing less.

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