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So after a long dry spell it’s time for another edition of This and That; all the news fit to print and a whole lot more.

So to catch up on current news; The Covid-19 pandemic is almost over except for all the places it’s not. Floods are washing out Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, London, and parts of China. The Northwestern United States is burning up while roving gangs of MAGA-morons roam the vast wastelands waiting for their savior trump to return to the White House in a blaze of glory. Across the street from the White House, Congress-people are locked in a macabe dance of swords, fingers in their ears, screaming “I Can’t Hear You!”

In good news; today is pizza day, the second time we’ve had Costco pizza in sixteen months. I guess we take whatever good we can find and run with it.

A Long Year Past

It’s been over a year since I last wrote a “This and That” post. In looking back, I feel amazed by how much has changed this past year, and by how much that hasn’t. In truth, this past year feels like a bad dream, like the one from the old night-time soap opera “Dallas.”

Last year at this time, the Covid-19 pandemic was essentially out-of-control. Sane people were staying-safer-at-home while MAGA-morons were running around maskless, screaming about their freedoms and how old people (like me) should be willing to die for the stock market. Today we have the same MAGA-morons running around maskless, now screaming about how getting vaccinated against the 21st Century version of the plague is an affront to their freedoms. Entirely – not – coincidentally, the regions with the highest rates of unvaccinated people are the regions with the highest rates of Covid-19 infections and deaths.

I’m not sure I should feel sorry for these anti-vaxxers getting sick. It’s because these people refuse to get vaccinated that we’re still seeing high counts of Covid-19 infections. In some regions we’re going backwards, the pandemic getting worse instead of better.

Climate Change Remains a Hoax

Way back in 2006 former Presidential candidate Al Gore released the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” Gore’s documentary discussed ongoing climate crisis that portended future catastrophe if trends did not change. No one could have anticipated that the same people who cheered when former Republican president Ronald Regean claimed “trees cause more air pollution than cars” would mock Gore and his documentary. But they did.

Fast forward to this year. Intermixed with the ongoing pandemic is one weather-related disaster after another. A few weeks ago the temperate rainforests of northwestern United States and South-west Canada became the hottest region in North America. The town of Lytton, British Columbia, hit temps of 121oF three days in a row. Then the town was erased from the maps by a massive forest fire.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Europe is washing away in 100 year floods. Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and London are all experiencing unheard-of flooding from massive rainstorms. We’re having unusually heavy rainstorms in our Southeastern states as well. Glaciers continue to melt away. NASA has now predicted that starting in 2030 (nine years!) the world will experience “dramatic” surges in high-tide floods due to a combination of sea rises and a “wobble” in the moon’s orbit. Folks in Miami are already getting flooded out during high tides.

All-in-all, I guess we should feel lucky that climate change is just an elaborate hoax fostered on the public as a means of getting funding for climate scientists. Because if climate change was real, these current weather events (and others) would mean we are all seriously screwed.

MAGA-Morons Oh My!

If I ever feel bored, I go read about the current antics of Former Guy and his minion supporters. Then I thank God my mom didn’t drop me on my head at birth, else I might be one of those MAGA-morons. If they weren’t all packing small guns and large firearms they would be truly ridiculous.

Enough said.

Meanwhile, we have the antics of our duly-elected Congress-People to keep us amused. I occasionally have flashes of disbelief thinking that Democrats will grow spines and stand up to Republican bullying. But, then, Dems quickly revert back to form. However, something does seem different amongst Democrats ever since the January 6 insurrection. Perhaps having a close call with being lynched got some of them thinking they’ve had enough bullshit from colleagues across the aisle?

In Conclusion

I’ll wrap up this humble blog post with the good news that we had Costco pizza for the second time in over one year. Winnie and I did some Saturday morning mall shopping (first time since before the pandemic shutdown), and made a Costco run on the way out. Having pizza for lunch almost felt, normal. I know this is a very small thing. But considering the way we’ve huddled inside our home for the past 16 months, just getting out for some gratuitous mall shopping is a big deal.

I’m still working from home full time. The word is that we should expect to go back to a before-times work schedule of at least three days per week in the office starting after Labor Day. I have serious mixed feelings about this. On one hand, getting out of the house more often would be nice. On the other hand, I always did hate commuting in this area and going back to a commuting routine is not something I want to do.

Who knows what might happen next?

Edited: September 16, 2021

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