Trump’s Treason Mocks My Life

Former One Term Twice Impeached Treasonous Pres*dent Trump
Former One Term Twice Impeached Treasonous Pres*dent Trump

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The more I read and learn about the documents found at trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort/home, the angrier I become. Honestly, words cannot express the depth of my anger and disgust and outrage and repressed fury as these emotions are all rolled into one giant ball of FUCK THIS.

Trump has committed treason on a scope this country has never before witnessed, and he’s still walking around a free man. The fact that he is is not in jail, along with his miscreant family and associates, is a black stain on America and makes a mockery of the life I’ve lived.

My Life With A Security Clearance

I am 66 years old, a retired US Navy veteran who went on to work for the government/DoD/DHS in various capacities after my Navy retirement. I have literally held some level of security clearance since I was 19 years old. At one time I did hold a TS/SCI level clearance.

My requirement for maintaining a security clearance defines my ability to hold jobs in my chosen field of work. No clearance, no jobs. The sudden loss of my clearance, with accompanying loss of my career, has been a life-long sword of Damocles hanging over my head. I know the restrictions I have had to live with my entire life due to holding a security clearance.

The Restrictions

There are things I’ve done as far back as 40 years ago I still cannot talk about, because those things are classified. I can’t publictly show off some of the best work I’ve ever done, because that work is classified. My overseas vacation trips have to be “precleared” by some corporate security goon, even for traveling to European Union nations where I don’t even need visas.

Every five to ten years I get “re-cleared,” meaning federal agents get to wander around asking my neighbors detailed questions about me; my drinking habits, guests/parties at my home, indications I beat my wife, etc, etc, etc. These agents get to read my most personal medical and financial records, looking for any reason to deny my clearance.

I once had the humiliating experience of advising a federal agent, a total stranger, investigating me for yet another clearance, about my ex-wife. How she was living next door to where I used to live. About our contentious divorce. Explain how her new husband had already tried to smear me with some of the most vile lies I’d ever been subjected to. The agent made all the right sympathetic noises, yet salivating at the opportunity to dig up dirt on me. I spent months worried that my ex- would find a way to sink my clearance, costing me a job I really wanted.

Penalty For Violating Terms of My Clearance

If ever, just once, I had ever taken a document classified TS/SCI home with me and security goons found out…FBI agents backed up by a SWAT team would have stormed my home at 3:00AM. They would rip up everything in my home looking for that document, and when found, march me and my wife out the door in handcuffs. All in full view of my neighbors. Every person who might ever have visited my home would have been interrogated in effort to find out if they had any knowledge of that stolen document.

Trump’s Treason

Now, this fucking asshole trump has been proven to have HUNDREDS of classified documents squirrelled away in his residence. Known Russian agents, and agents from God-only-knows how many other countries all have had access to this residence while those documents were stored there.

The government spent eighteen months “negotiating” with trump to get those documents back. BULLSHIT.

The FBI “conducted the search in a relatively low-key manner.” Fucking BULLSHIT. Every guest and worker in that residence should have been rounded up, hauled to the nearest FBI office, and interrogated to find out what they knew. Every person who has had access to that residence since those documents were stored there – every single person- should right now be in lockup pending interrogation by FBI agents over what they knew and/or saw.

Trump himself should already be in jail, pending further resolution over who he might have given access to those documents.

Our Two-Tier Legal System

The fact that NONE OF THIS IS HAPPENING is the most glaring proof anyone who’s paying attention needs to show the two-level legal system in this country. One legal system for the rich and politically powerful. One legal system for the rest of us.

Meanwhile, there is no reason to believe anything other than our core national secrets, some of the most important information needed to protect our nation, have been given away or sold to Trump’s foreign owners. And Trump is still not in jail.

All of this is BULLSHIT.

A Mockery Of My Life

Trump has made a mockery of the restrictions and laws I’ve lived under by holding security clearances my entire adult life. He’s violated every rule on classified material with complete lack of accountability. His actions, and the non-actions of the government agents charged to enforce our laws on security clearances and handling classified information, is making a mockery of how I’ve lived my life. The depths of my resentment over this has yet to find the bottom.

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