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Easter Bunny Smile
Easter Smile

I just wanted to wish all Christians a Happy Easter celebration. Although raised in a household with a Catholic Dad and Lutheran Mom, I’m not much of a practicing Christian of any flavor now-a-days (neither Protestant or Catholic). Winnie, as a Buddhist with essentially no exposure to Christianity before meeting me, doesn’t really understand the significance of today’s celebration.

For us, today has been a quiet day dedicated to unpacking boxes and arranging the house. But I do remember some of my Bible teachings, and want to reflect on them briefly.

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Our House With  Dogwood In Flower
Our House With Dogwood Tree In Bloom

On this Easter Sunday, 2007, I’d like to share a few neighborhood pictures of what spring looks like in our new home.

But you’ll need to click the “More” link to see them… Consider this news post is several thousand words long!

Family Stories