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Libertarian House Cats. Photo by NastyaSensei: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-and-white-bicolor-cat-3318214/
Libertarian House Cats

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I’ve never previously posted about my political awakening and journey to Radical Left Wing Liberal in this humble blog.

My political journey started as first uninterested, then a registered Libertarian, to Democrat, and on to my present Radical Liberalism. But, I started remembering my brief foray into the world of Libertarianism with the fallout over Silicon Valley Bank’s sudden collapse this past Friday.

Which brings me to the best comparison I’ve heard yet about Libertarians as house cats.

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people talking in front of a cafe as the essence of social media
The Essence of Social Media

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I’ve been watching the ongoing melt-down of the social media forum Twitter with a mixture of schadenfreude, sadness, and disgust. Schadenfreude, because I don’t know another word for watching the world’s richest man burn up $44 billion dollars in a hollow attempt to prove he’s a brilliant engineer and businessperson. Sadness, for all the thousands of people losing their jobs with a company in which they invested years of their lives build something they truly believed in. Disgust, because for better or worse Twitter became the 21st century equivalent of the 18th century town square and now it’s rapidly crumbling away with nothing to replace it.   

So, I humbly offer my suggestion that it’s time for a government-run social media site.

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